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Unoccupied house insurance quotes

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Unoccupied house insurance

Unoccupied home insurance is needed because general home insurance policies restrict the amount of time the house can be unoccupied. For example, some policies will allow for up to a maximum, often 30 days, and above this you won’t be covered.

There are situations where a property is going to be unoccupied for longer, and you’ll almost certainly still need insurance. Maybe you’re selling your house and you’re already living in the new home. Maybe it’s a property you’ve inherited. Or perhaps you’ve bought it but not ready to move in yet, or you’re away on travels for an extended period. Alternatively perhaps you’re a landlord and your property is vacant until you secure your next tenancy (in this case you might want to check landlord insurance as some landlord policies allow for vacant periods). Other situations might include renovations taking place (make sure you tell the insurer this when getting a quote, and the insurance may not cover damage caused by the tradespeople), or if the home dweller has been taken into long-term care.

(NB. If the property is empty at times because it’s a holiday home, you may want to consider holiday home insurance instead.)

Is unoccupied property insurance expensive?

It’s generally possible to get empty house insurance relatively cheaply (if you shop in the right places!) but it is likely to be slightly dearer than a standard home insurance policy. This is for a number of reasons. The likelihood of theft is increased in a property that’s kept vacant. Other types of incidents could get much worse because no-one is there and no-one knows about it. For example a water leak that’s allowed to continue.

Because the lack of occupancy might be temporary, some insurers will offer shorter policies, for example 3 or 6 months.

Empty property insurance cover

Vacant house insurance can cover your building and your contents, just as with standard home insurance. Building insurance covers you against insured events affecting the fabric or structure of your property, whereas contents insurance protects the items you keep at the property.

Many unoccupied home insurance deals also include some form of liability insurance. Even though the property is empty, you may still be held responsible if a member of the public has an injury or has their property damaged. Liability cover prevents the massive losses that can occur if someone makes a compensation claim. It covers the legal costs as well as the cost of the compensation itself.

Compare empty home insurance

How can Apricot help you? Well, we work with a large number of leading UK insurers, so that we can compare quotes for you to help you find the right cover at a great price. Insurers offer very different pricing from one another for the same person with the same needs. So it pays to compare. Apricot also have a very experienced UK team, and our advisers can help with your questions and discuss your quotes and cover so that you can ensure the policy is a fit for your needs. Give us a call today for great service and a great price.

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