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Goods in transit insurance

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Goods in Transit Insurance

Compare Goods in Transit Insurance

Transporting goods can be risky. If anything happens to the shipment while it is in transit, it can be very expensive to replace or repair any items. Getting insurance for goods in transit can help protect you when there is an incident for almost any goods, including food in transit, items being couriered, and more.

Here at Apricot Insurance, we offer a quick and simple quote process that will help you compare insurance from a wide range of UK insurance providers. Comparing quotes can help you save time and money when looking for suitable insurance on goods in transit.

Who needs goods in transit insurance?

A lot of different professionals can benefit from insurance for goods in transit. This includes people who work in furniture removals, couriers, haulage and logistics professionals, and more.

Can goods in transit insurance cover items that I ship?

Yes, you can find goods in transit insurance to cover items shipped both domestically and internationally. Individual policies will specify exactly what they cover and also the regions they cover.

Do I need to have goods in transit insurance?

Goods in transit insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is still a very valuable type of insurance. If your work involves transporting goods, it can be very expensive to correct any issues without insurance. It is worth considering the cost of items you are transporting when deciding whether or not to get goods in transit insurance.

How much is goods in transit insurance?

The price of goods in transit insurance will depend on various factors, including the type of goods you transport, the value of the goods, as well as the distance you transport them. If you want to get quick quotes for your goods in transit insurance, you can use our comparison tool.

Who is liable for goods lost or damaged in transit?

The financial responsibility for goods damaged or lost in transit is usually on the courier. However, sometimes the responsibility might be on the person shipping or receiving the goods. You should ensure whether or not you are responsible for the goods you carry. If you are liable and you are not insured then if goods are damaged or go missing, you are financially responsible for the loss. Goods in transit insurance helps protect against these potential losses.

Does goods in transit insurance cover items sent by courier?

If you are looking to insure items that you are having shipped through another company, you should look for postal insurance or insurance policies offered by the courier themselves. There will be different options for whether you are insuring single or multiple shipments.

Can I get goods in transit insurance as an individual?

Whether you are a company with a whole motor fleet or a self-employed courier, you will be able to get insurance for goods in transit. If you are a self-employed courier, you should consider that the cost of replacing goods lost in shipping could be significant.