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AirBnB insurance

If you’re one of the many landlords letting out a property for short term lets through AirBnB or other similar platforms, you’re probably wondering where to get the right insurance. Whether it’s a single property or a portfolio, Apricot can help.

Note: If you’re not using AirBnB or any similar platform, we also offer quality landlord insurance.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Doesn’t AirBnB Provide Its Own Insurance When I Host?

AirBnB does offer a Host Guarantee scheme which covers up to £600,000 in damages that occur in an eligible booking, but it’s not insurance and does not eliminate the need for a suitable policy. Damage to communal areas (such as the entranceway of a block of flats) is not protected. Only the named guests on the booking are covered for damage – so for example if your guests invite another person to visit and that person creates the damage, then you are not covered. Only damages caused directly by the paying guests are protected, so incidents such as burst water pipes (for just one example) would not be covered.

Likewise, AirBnB’s Host Protection Policy offers some public liability cover, but it does not provide the other types of cover most landlords need, nor does it cover any claims that might arise when guests are not staying. Also, you would not be covered if you take on any guests who booked outside of AirBnB.

Will My Standard Home Insurance Cover Me?

Unfortunately not. When a paying guest is staying, general home insurances won’t usually accept a claim (e.g. if your building or contents get damaged) if there’s a paying guest staying. And it won’t cover you for claims (e.g. for injury or property damage) by paying guests. If your mortgage is buy to let, then standard home insurance almost certainly won’t be sufficient for the terms of your mortgage provider either. Instead, consider an AirBnB insurance policy. It is a form of landlord insurance which is tailored for the needs of an AirBnB host.

AirBnB Insurance Policy – What Can Be Covered?

Apricot quotes AirBnB home insurance – a specialist insurance designed for short term lets. The following sections outline some of the cover benefits that can be included.

AirBnB Buildings Insurance

What if a flood, fire, or another insured event damaged your building? AirBnB property insurance provides cover. Such incidents can happen, and might cause irreparable damage to your investment and income – your AirBnB host insurance policy will pay out.

AirBnB Contents Insurance

AirBnB insurance coverage also protects the belongings you supply at the property, including things like appliances, carpets and furniture. As an AirBnB owner, you’ll have furnished the property and provided a lot of items. Note that it doesn’t cover items supplied by guests.

AirBnB Liability Insurance

Another type of cover that can be provided with insurance for AirBnB rentals is liability. This is in case your tenants make a claim against you for injury or damage to property at the residence. What if someone tripped on a loose carpet and injured themselves and you were deemed to be responsible. The cost of such claims can be extraordinary, and it pays to have your cover for AirBnB liability. It covers the costs of compensation and legal fees in dealing with claims.

Other Protections Offered By AirBnB House Insurance

When you get your quote, our experienced UK team can help tailor your policy to the particular needs you have.

Some policies can include loss of rent cover. If the property is damaged in an insured incident, and your tenants have to move out while you’re making a claim because the property cannot be lived in, loss of rent cover can protect your loss of income and the costs of housing your tenants somewhere else while repairs are being made.

Accidental damage cover is another popular feature for AirBnB owners. It financially protects you if spills, breakages or other damage occurs when your guests are staying. This can give owners significant peace of mind.

Although the protections are similar, AirBnB insurance is distinct from regular buy to let insurance because it’s designed specifically for short term lets.

The Right Deal at the Right Price

How much does AirBnB insurance cost? It’s impossible to estimate without getting a quote because there are so many variables that affect pricing. Obviously, if you go for a very basic policy it’s going to cost less than a fully comprehensive Air B and B insurance policy, however, it’s important to consider the levels of cover you actually need, rather than always going for the cheapest price. Apricot have expertise in this insurance, so our advisers can discuss your needs to help identify suitable options for you to select.

Location of the property is another factor that has a huge bearing upon price, because insurers calculate that some areas are far more prone to claims than others. Your age, how often the property is let out, the size and age of the property, and more, will also impact price.

Why Apricot Insurance?

When you’re searching for the best insurance for AirBnB hosts, most insurance companies simply don’t offer what you’re looking for. A specialist broker such as Apricot can help though. We have direct relationships with a wide range of UK insurers, including those that provide AirBnB protection. We have a range of policy features with great pricing. So if you’ve been looking for AirBnB insurance companies, you’re in the right place! Give us a call or request a quote online today.