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Import Car Insurance

Compare Import Car Insurance

Whether you want a specific make or model of car, or you’re moving to the UK and want to bring your car with you, there are plenty of reasons for having an imported car. However, it can be worrying for many people about whether they will be able to get affordable car insurance for imported vehicles.

Here at Apricot Insurance, we have a quick and simple quote comparison tool to help you compare insurance offers from insurance providers throughout the UK. Comparing quotes can help you save money and time while finding car insurance.

Does an imported car cost more to insure?

Yes, it often costs more to insure an imported car. Often, imported cars are seen as a higher risk to insurers. Imported cars can have higher repair costs and sometimes have more powerful engines than standard vehicles. Getting essential parts for imported cars can also be more difficult, increasing repair costs further. Therefore, you will usually find your imported car insurance is higher than insurance for a standard vehicle.

Is it easy to insure an imported car?

It can be harder to insure an imported car since not all insurers will offer policies on imported vehicles. However, you can find insurers who can insure imported cars by using our car insurance comparison tool. If you are unsure how to get insurance for your imported car, you can contact us.

Why are Japanese imported cars more expensive to insure?

Many Japanese cars have much higher repair costs, which means that they could be expensive to fix in case of an accident or incident where the car is damaged. Some insurers will also have higher insurance costs for these vehicles because they are not as familiar with them and any potential issues.

What are the disadvantages of an imported car?

As well as higher insurance costs, imported cars can have additional disadvantages. They usually decrease in resale value more rapidly than standard cars, and it can be difficult to get a warranty. Due to the exchange rate, you may also find that they are more expensive than standard cars.

Does an imported car need insurance and an MOT?

Yes, imported cars need to have a valid MOT certificate if they are over three years old. They also require valid insurance, which at a minimum has to cover third party incidents. You may also opt for a higher level of cover, dependent on your requirements.

What type of insurance should I get for an imported car?

You can get three main insurance types for imported cars, which are the same as standard car insurance. These are:

  • Third party – Covering harm to other people and property
  • Third party, fire and theft – Covering third party as well as your vehicle being stolen or getting damaged by fire
  • Comprehensive – Covering all incidents, including at-fault incidents

How can I get cheaper imported car insurance?

You can look at lowering your insurance cost by: