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Holiday Home Insurance

You own a holiday home – what insurance do you need? Whether you have a chalet, house, villa or apartment, the insurance needs of a holiday home owner are somewhat different from when you insure the home that you live in full time.

For the purposes of insurance, a holiday home is a property you just use from time to time, and is either unoccupied for longer periods or let out to other holidaymakers. If that’s you, then holiday home insurance is likely to be suitable. (If you have a property that you visit more frequently, for example for work, then it would be second home insurance that you’d need.)

Standard home insurance policies typically requires that the home cannot be empty for more than 30 days at a time. Holiday home insurance is different. It allows for a property that you only occupy only from time to time, or for a home which you let out to non-paying and/or paying guests.

Your holiday home faces the same risks as your main home, so insurance is a must for most holiday home owners. Some of the risks are amplified, too, for example, an unoccupied property is more likely to be burgled, and if a pipe burst it might not be discovered before there’s significant damage. Legally, there’s no requirement to insure your holiday home, however, you’re leaving yourself open to serious risks if you don’t. Also, if your property is mortgaged, most likely your mortgage provider will require you to have holiday home buildings insurance.

Apricot is a modern insurance broker offering specialist covers such as caravan insurance, rental property insurance and indeed holiday home insurance.

Apricot makes it easy to compare holiday home insurance so that you can find suitable cover at a great price.

Holiday Home Buildings Insurance

Buildings cover protects the building itself from risks such as fire, flood, storms, etc. In this respect it’s similar to standard home insurance. You’ve invested substantially in your holiday home, so you don’t want to be without cover if a disaster occurs. The cover pays for repairing damage or fixing the structure of your home if it’s hit by an insured event. Roof, walls, pipes and permanent fixtures or fittings are protected. Note that holiday home building insurance does not cover general wear and tear.

Holiday Home Contents Insurance

Very likely you will need contents insurance as well. Do you keep furniture, appliances, personal belongings or other valuable contents at the property? What if there was a theft, fire, storm or burst pipe? Your contents could be destroyed, and without contents cover you’d be landed with an enormous bill to replace the damaged items. Holiday home contents insurance can give you peace of mind because it pays our in such circumstances.

Letting Out Your Holiday Home

Policies are available which also cover you for letting out your holiday home to paying guests. If you do this, you should make your insurer or broker aware when you’re getting your quote. Therefore some of the elements of landlord insurance cover can be incorporated.

Also, you may want to consider the option of accidental damage cover. If a spill or breakage occurred, without cover you’d need to cover the cost of the repairs or replacements. Why not pay slightly more to have cover that takes care of such incidents. Again, this is something you can discuss with the adviser when you get a quote.

Holiday let insurance can also provide public liability insurance. If one of your guests was to get injured or have their property damaged at your holiday home, and held you responsible, the legal and compensation bill can be immense. Public liability cover pays these costs and gives you peace of mind.

Holiday Home Insurance UK Comparison

Because UK holiday home insurance is a specialist product, not every insurer offers it. And those that do typically have a range of options so that cover can be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. That’s why it’s usually good to speak to a broker such as Apricot that specialises in the product. Apricot will search their panel of insurers on your behalf to find you a quote that suits your needs at a competitive price.

Holiday let home insurance will differ in price, depending on a number of variables. When choosing the best holiday home insurance for you personally, you’ll want to consider how comprehensive a policy you want. Obviously a basic policy with a high excess is going to cost less than a fully comprehensive policy with a low excess. So getting cheap holiday home insurance is not the only factor. Your circumstances also affect the premium you’ll be quoted, such as your age and the location of the property (because insurers calculate that such things affect the amount of risk they need to insure against). So there’s unfortunately no hard and fast rule as to how much it’s likely to cost – the best thing is to get a holiday home insurance quote and see how much it would be for you. As mentioned, the cheapest holiday home insurance may not be the best.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Either fill out our quick quote form, or give us a call, and we’ll be able to source quotes for you from specialist UK insurers. Get your holiday let home insurance UK sorted today!

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