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Apricot compare cheap home insurance quotes from some of the leading UK insurers to help you find low cost house insurance.

Our online insurance quote system is quick and easy to use and compares prices from a wide panel of insurers. Once you have your online home insurance quote you can buy the policy online or by phone. You can pay using a credit or debit card or if you prefer you can setup a monthly direct debit.

Our friendly Northern Ireland based staff are available to discuss any queries you might have before you buy your policy. We’re based in Belfast but cover the whole of the UK.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Home is where your heart is but it is also the place where most of your possessions are kept and where a lot of your money has been invested. It is important to have the right home insurance to cover both your house and its contents if disaster should strike. A home insurance policy can replace property and items damaged or lost in a fire, flood, burglary or hit by a storm.

We are a UK based home insurance broker who can help you compare home insurance quotes from top UK insurers using our online quotation system. Whether you need buildings, contents or buildings AND contents cover we can provide you with an online quotation. Simply fill in the quotation form and we will quickly compare prices from our panel of UK insurers to find you the best home quote in seconds.

Comparing insurance prices online will help you make decisions about factors such as excess levels, levels of cover, and whether you want to pay annually or monthly. Whatever you choose, you can contact Apricot by telephone to buy, or purchase the policy through our website.


Need home insurance for NI (or GB)?

Buying a home weighs in as pretty much the biggest expense in life. Maintaining and improving it ranks as another long-term expense. Having a robust insurance policy can be a real lifeline should something go wrong.

Navigating your way through home insurance can be confusing. Ensuring you are best protected with a policy you can afford can be challenging. That’s where we come in. At Apricot Insurance, we have more than 35 years of experience in the insurance industry and know how to get you a house insurance quote you can both afford and rely on if you need to claim.

What is a home insurance policy?

Home insurance is there to safeguard your home and its contents against theft or damage. Your home insurance policy assists you with the financial costs of unavoidable harm (fire or flood damage) to your property. It will also provide you with financial aid should you need to replace precious items in the event your home be burgled.

What does home insurance cover?

There are three variations of home insurance cover:

  • Home and contents insurance – this covers your house and your belongings against loss or damage in event of fire, theft, or storm (flood damage)
  • Home insurance – covers your house and other structures such as your garage, fences or shed
  • Contents insurance – covers your belongings, such as your clothing, furniture, whitegoods, and electrical goods

Is it cheaper to combine building and contents cover?

Yes, it is generally cheaper to insure building and contents in tandem. Do check that your provider doesn’t have separate building and contents excess. For damage that could affect both structural and personal possessions, such as a fire or flood, if separate excess is required, you could pay substantially more to initiate the claim.

We know that there are many ifs and buts involved in choosing the home insurance policy. Finding one that will provide ample cover but is affordable to purchase is testing. We can help you find the right policy, we ask you the questions so we can search for the quote that’s right for you.

Do I really need home insurance?

If you have a mortgage, you are contractually obliged to obtain buildings insurance. It’s up to you to insure your personal possessions and purchase contents insurance. According to the Association of British Insurers, £8.1 million is paid out daily, reimbursing homeowners for loss.

It is not a legal requirement to buy either buildings or contents insurance. Without it though, many of us could not afford to make the repairs needed should the worst happen.

Is it cheap to buy home insurance in Northern Ireland compared to the rest of the UK?

Buying home insurance in Northern Ireland comes in at a whopping 30% more expensive than the on the mainland. Policy prices are second only to living in London. The average homeowner pays £171 annually in Northern Ireland.

Despite this figure being a regional average, it is in no way the set price for home insurance in Northern Ireland. Knowing that policy premiums are above the national average means you have to be even more savvy when finding the right premium for you.

Knowing the right questions to ask providers is key to getting the cheapest deal around. Let Apricot help you. We know how to get you a decent quote at a reasonable price. You can pay your insurance premium in one sum or monthly deductions.

Do council tenants in Northern Ireland need home insurance?

According to Housing Advice Northern Ireland, every tenant should have contents insurance. This protects your possessions from fire, theft or other damage. Those of us who rent from a private landlord will need contents insurance as the landlord’s insurance will not extend to covering your valuables.

Those of us who live in Housing Executive or Housing Association property must also get contents insurance.

We can help you find the cheapest quote and help you protect your possessions, whether you are a tenant or a homeowner. You can add accidental damage inside and out the home as an extra to your policy.

Can I buy cheap insurance that lasts less than a year?

Yes, should you need insurance that lasts for a specified length of time, you can arrange that.

What could invalidate my home insurance?

There are many things that can invalidate your insurance, such as inflating the cost of your valuables, not notifying your insurance company of any changes, taking on a lodger, and using your home as a business. Speak to your advisor about what might invalidate the policy before you take it out so that you are completely in the know.

Tips on reducing home insurance costs.

  • Be resourceful and don’t just take the first quote offered. You will get a range of prices from NI or UK providers that offer for similar cover, so do shop around.
  • Your local crime prevention officer should be able to give you advice on how to protect your home against burglary. Mentioning this to an insurance company could bring down the cost of your cover.
  • Most mortgage lenders will allow you to choose your own insurance providers, this gives you the opportunity to compare the cheapest quotes.
  • Like with Northern Ireland car insurance, paying a higher excess can reduce your home insurance premium.
  • It’s tempting to under value your possessions, but in the event of a claim this will be counter-productive.

When is the best time to get a new quote?

The best time to start searching for a new quote is as the existing policy is due to expire. About a month before is the optimum time and will most likely yield the cheapest offers. Knowing what cover you need, how much your possessions are worth and achieving a decent pay out in the event of a claim without the consequence of a burgeoning monthly deduction is the minefield your are going to be dancing around. At Apricot, we can get you cover at fair price with a good return should you need it. Give us a call today or visit us online. We’re here for you.