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Building Insurance

Buildings insurance protects you from the consequences of damage to the structure of your home, e.g. fire, storm, flood etc. We offer a wide range of insurers who quote for building insurance (whether alone or household insurance with contents insurance too – building only insurance is obviously cheaper than combined). Therefore we can offer great policies at great prices. Give us a call or do a quote online today.


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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Buildings insurance

Our home feels like so much more than bricks and mortar so it’s obvious we will want to protect it. Buildings insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your home should it be damaged or destroyed. This cover extends to your garage, shed and any fences bordering your property. It will also pay for damage done to pipes, drains and cables. 

What does buildings insurance cover?

Buildings insurance should cover the full cost of your property should it need to be rebuilt or repaired. This also covers the cost of site clearance, demolition and architect’s fees. It covers you if you are affected by fire, explosion, floods, storms or earthquakes. Buildings insurance also covers you in the event of grim realities such as burst or frozen pipes, subsidence, fallen trees or satellite dishes and burglary. 

Is buildings insurance compulsory?

Obtaining buildings insurance will be a condition of most mortgage providers. Insurance cover must be equivalent to the value of your home. Mortgage lenders will allow you to shop around for your own provider so you can find the quote that’s right for you. 

Buildings insurance is not a legal requirement but if the worst should happen to your home, rebuilding without the assurance of a guaranteed pay-out might be out of your reach. We know how to find the cheapest quotes around whilst ensuring that you maintain the maximum level of cover. At Apricot Insurance we can take the hard work out of acquiring a bargain premium whilst maximising cover. 

How much cover do I need? 

When considering buildings insurance, you need to ensure you are sum assured. That means you are covered against the cost of completely re-building your home. It might seem hard to believe, but this is often less than the current market value of your property. When searching for buildings insurance quotes, make sure you don’t over or under insure yourself. You can work out approximate costs by accessing the Association of British Insurers website.

If you are renewing a policy after completing building work on your property, make sure you inform your provider as all changes need to be reported.

How much does buildings insurance cost in the UK?

According to a recent survey by the AA, the average cost for buildings insurance is £119 a year. If this is combined with contents, the homeowner is looking at £162 annually for both.

This is in no way a fixed price as the cost of buildings insurance can vary considerably. Be mindful to find and compare quotes by multiple providers to establish the best possible deal. Let us help you with that, we can save you money and time.

Where can I buy buildings insurance?

Shop around for the right quote, don’t just let the old premium renew. If you start looking a couple of weeks before the existing policy is due to expire, you might find yourself saving some cash on your next premium. We can help take the hassle out of searching, saving you money and time. Visit us online at Apricot Insurance. Do it today and let our experts find you a cheap quote with maximum protection.