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Household insurance quotes

Household insurance, also known as home insurance, protects your building’s structure, or its contents, or both. When an insured event such as a fire, flood, theft or storm occurs, your insurance will pay out to recoup your losses. Apricot specialises in household insurance for UK customers, and works with a multitude of leading UK insurers to ensure we can find you our best deal.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Household insurance UK

With the decades of work that go into making a house a home, having robust household insurance can be a real godsend if anything should go wrong.

Navigating your way through home insurance can be challenging. However, we at Apricot Insurance can compare providers and get you the best deal.

We cover the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland homeowners insurance too.

What is a household insurance policy?

Your household insurance policy assists you with the financial costs of unavoidable harm (fire or flood damage) and with financial aid should you need to replace precious items.

What does household insurance cover?

There are three variations:

  • Home (Buildings) and contents insurance – this covers your house and your belongings against loss or damage in event of fire, theft, or storm (flood damage)
  • Home (Buildings) insurance – covers your house and other structures
  • Contents insurance – covers your belongings, such as your clothing, furniture, white goods

Do I really need household insurance?

The security of home insurance means you will be covered against the potentially huge costs that flood, fire, or theft could incur. Plus accidental damage as an optional extra. We can help you with finding the right policy by comparing providers.

Is it worth claiming on my household insurance?

It’s not worth claiming until the cost of the repairs needed is higher than the excess charge. Determining how much voluntary excess you want to pay is an important part of navigating your quote. If you wish to pay a higher excess in the result of a claim, it may reduce your payments.

When should I renew my policy?

You may pay more if you stay with your current provider, so start looking about three weeks before the expiration date is due, you could save yourself some cash.

What can invalidate my home insurance policy?

Many things that can invalidate your insurance, such as inflating the cost of your valuables, not notifying your insurance company of any changes, taking on a lodger, and using your home as a business.

Here at Apricot Insurance we work with household names to bring you the best-quality insurance quotes for your needs.