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Restaurant insurance UK

Whether you run a bistro, pizzeria, Chinese restaurant or a fine dining establishment, it’s important to find suitable insurance cover that meets your needs and doesn’t break the bank. At Apricot, we work with a large panel of the UK’s leading insurers, so we can compare available quotes for you and find the right policy at the right price.

If you think about it, a restaurant is quite a risky place. Just a few examples: it’s a busy environment with customers and staff going about their business, has a lot of specialist equipment, hot surfaces, potential for fire, and the trade comes with its particular risk of accidentally giving someone food poisoning. Add to that the risks that affect businesses in general, such claims by members of the public or employees related to accidents or mishaps, or theft or flood, and there’s a very strong case for having the right insurance for restaurant business.

Apricot works hard to provide competitive insurance for commercial premises (such as salon insurance, for example, as well as cover for restaurants and cafés). We have years of experiance in doing this.

Owning a restaurant is tricky enough without the further worry of such things.

Restaurant business insurance, or café insurance, can protect your restaurant from adverse events such as theft or damage. In addition to that, your policy can also include public and employee liability cover which is essential for most businesses (tradesmen, shops, etc, not least of all restaurants).

The following passages provide more information on the various types of cover which can be included in your tailored restaurant insurance policy.

Contents cover for restaurants

Your restaurant is full of pricey items that are vital for the continued running of your business. This may include expensive cooking equipment, chef’s knives, important furniture and point of sale (till) equipment. If your items are stolen, or damaged in a flood or fire, for example, restaurant contents cover will pay out.

Café public liability insurance

If you run a restaurant, café or takeaway you will almost certainly need public liability cover (restaurant liability insurance). Compared to other types of premises, restaurants have plenty of scope for accidents and mishaps. No doubt you are very careful and even carry out regular risk assessments, but none of this eradicates the unexpected. The public liability element of café business insurance protects you in the event that a third party (e.g. a customer or member of the public) gets hurt or gets their property damaged and makes a claim against you. Without insurance, such claims are hazardous to your business, and may incur a cost that is simply not affordable. As simple an accident as a slip or a fall could stop your business in its tracks, but thankfully your insurance steps in to the rescue, covering the costs of any damages, compensation or legal costs incurred because of such claims.

For a dine-in restaurant, this cover also protects you in the event that someone accidentally gets food poisoning, since the “event” happened on site. However, for a takeaway, or for additional cover, consider adding stock liability cover which is also available with Apricot policies.

Employers liability insurance for restaurants

This is vital cover and is usually mandated by law, even if you only have one person working for you, and even if on a casual or temporary basis. If one of your workers had an accident and got injured, or became affected with a work-related illness, there’s every chance they may pursue a claim against you. Employers liability works in some ways similarly to public liability cover in that the legal and compensation costs would be covered by the policy. The difference is that public liability protects you against claims by members of the public, whereas employers liability protects you from claims by your own current or former employees.

Stock and frozen food cover for restaurants

A typical food business will carry a substantial amount of stock. The value of it can be significant, and losing it can take a toll with interruption to your business. Whether you have bistro insurance, Indian restaurant insurance, or other insurance for a restaurant, it can pay out to help cover the cost of wasted food due to these events, if, for example, there’s a power outage, burst pipe or a theft. In this business, it’s also reassuring to have cover for the contents of your fridges and freezers. That’s why frozen food is also covered when you take out a restaurant policy with stock cover included.

Fixtures and fittings cover for restaurants

For a restaurant, often fixtures and fittings are essential for the image of the establishment, and for giving customers a welcoming, interesting and comfortable environment. What if there was a theft? What if your precious fixtures and fittings were damaged by vandalism or by fire or flood, for example? They can be very expensive to replace, so it pays to have this cover to ensure your business is not adversely impacted.

Glass and signage cover for restaurants

Many restaurants use large windows and stylish signs to attract passing customers. Think how frustrating – and financially damaging – it would be if an accident or malicious attack left you without your carefully constructed shop-front. This is again where your insurance comes in. Speedily getting repairs or replacements for your fabulous exterior means your business can avoid the costly and unsightly effects of damaged or missing glass or signage.

Restaurant insurance quote

These are just some of the main types of protection that can be built into a restaurant insurance UK policy from Apricot.

We are specialists in restaurant insurance, as well as other commercial insurances from builder insurance to coach insurance. We have years of experience which we use to assist our customers.

Contact our friendly Northern Ireland based team today, and they will help tailor your insurance to the specific risks and events that are appropriate for your individual business. Because we have good relationships with a large range of leading restaurant insurance companies, the prices of our restaurant insurance quotes are great, too!

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