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Horsebox Insurance

Compare Horsebox Insurance

If you are looking to transport horses to shows, events, or stables, you should ensure that your horsebox is properly insured against damage or incidents. Whether you have a motorised horsebox or a trailer horsebox, you can get horsebox insurance to make sure you are covered.

Here at Apricot Insurance, we offer a quick quote process to help you compare insurance quotes from a wide range of UK insurance providers. Comparing quotes can help you save time and money when looking for insurance.

Can I drive a horsebox on my car insurance?

Motorised horseboxes are non-standard vehicles and will usually need to be insured with a specialist insurance policy. Motorised horseboxes are a different size, power, and build type to standard cars or vans, so regular car insurance will not cover them.

What insurance do I need for a horsebox?

At the minimum, you will need to have third party insurance for your horsebox. You can also find insurers that offer higher levels of insurance, such as third party, fire and theft, or comprehensive insurance. The right level of insurance will depend on you individual circumstances and requirements.

How can I get cheaper horsebox insurance?

There are multiple ways that you can look at getting affordable horsebox insurance. For example, you can:

  • Compare insurance quotes from multiple different insurers
  • Increase the voluntary excess on your insurance policy
  • Have a black box fitted in your vehicle

Why should I insure my horsebox?

If you intend to drive a motorised horsebox on the UK or NI roads, you will need to make sure it is insured. As well as the minimum insurance type, you could include insurance for additional concerns such as fire or theft. This can help as repairing or replacing a horsebox can be very expensive without insurance.

Will horsebox insurance cover my horse?

No, horsebox insurance is only for the horsebox vehicle itself. It does not insure the animals being transported in the horsebox. You will need to get additional horse or pet insurance for your horses. There are specialist pet policies for horses and the cost will vary dependent on many factors relating to your horse.

Do I need insurance to drive my horsebox on a farm?

You only need insurance if you are planning to drive the vehicle on public roads. This means that you do not have to get insurance if the vehicle is only driven at a farm or stable. However, you will be unable to drive outside the farm, and you should find out whether any farm roads are public roads or not.

Do I need insurance for a horsebox trailer?

If you are using a trailer type horsebox you should still look at insurance, as it may not be automatically covered by your car insurance policy. Insuring a trailer horsebox will help cover the costs if it gets damaged or stolen. If you are unsure whether or not you need to get additional insurance, you can contact us.