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Motor fleet insurance UK

Rather than insuring multiple vehicles individually, fleet insurance covers multiple vehicles under one policy. It’s perfect for businesses which operate more than one vehicle. Apricot can cover vehicles of most types, and will try to save you as much money as possible. Things like the age, value and safety of your vehicles will affect the price, as well as the age and experience of the drivers. Compared to individual policies, you’ll probably find that a fleet insurance deal with save you hassles, for example not having multiple renewal dates etc. Let Apricot take the hard work out of searching for fleet insurance. We’ll compare quotes from our panel of insurers and offer you options to suit your needs.

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Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor fleet insurance serves companies with large numbers of vehicles, but finding the right insurance for you can be challenging. Our fast, independent service allows you to compare insurance quotes from multiple insurers, making your quest to find the perfect insurer much easier.


How many vehicles do I need to qualify for motor fleet insurance?

Motor fleet insurance is offered to larger fleets, whilst mini fleet insurance caters for smaller ones. Specific numbers vary from insurer to insurer but, in order to qualify, the minimum number of vehicles in one fleet is usually between 15 and 20. So, motor fleet insurance UK is generally geared towards medium to large sized, national companies.


What level of cover does motor fleet insurance UK offer?

Just like standard vehicle insurance, you’ll be able to select from third party, third party fire and theft, or comprehensive cover for your business vehicles. You may find the insurer allows you to choose the level of cover on a vehicle to vehicle basis.

Also depending on the insurer, you may find you are automatically covered, or can select additional cover for:

* Legal expenses

* Employer liability

* Public liability

* Replacement locks and security features (such as dash cams)

* Personal injury

* Goods in transit

* Breakdown

* Accidental misfuelling

* Lost or stolen keys


Which business vehicles can I include on a motor fleet insurance?

You can include any cars, vans, plant vehicles or HGVs which function within your business. The motor fleet insurance will typically allow for a range of different vehicle types all under one policy.


What If I have multiple drivers within my business?

You may want an “any driver” cover, especially if you have a constant flow of new drivers, or numerous business vehicles in use. Or, you could opt for named drivers. This is the cheaper option – especially if your named drivers have good driving experience and a no-claims bonus, making them attractive prospects to an insurance company.


My motor fleet insurance quotes are expensive. Can I do anything to reduce the cost?

Unfortunately, with multiple vehicles being insured, motor fleet insurance UK will always be more costly. To bring expenses down, you can:

* Increase your excess and pay your insurance in one lump sum, annually.

* Opt for lower levels of cover, such as third party.

* Use named drivers rather than “any driver” cover, and pick experienced drivers with a no-claims bonus.

* Consider your choice of business vehicles carefully, understanding that high-value and imported vehicles are more expensive to insure.

* Keep your fleet parked safely and ensure good anti-theft measures are in place.

* Fit your road vehicles with dash cams.


Can I use business vehicles covered by motor fleet insurance for personal use?

You will need to check the policy as this isn’t always covered, but can usually be added without fuss.