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Limo Insurance

Compare Limo Insurance

If you work as a limo driver, you will need to make sure that you have appropriate limo insurance. Limo insurance is not the same as standard car insurance so make sure you get a suitable policy in place before driving your limousine. The right insurance will help protect you from any issues, such as damage to anyone else’s vehicle while you are driving.

Here at Apricot Insurance, we have a simple and fast insurance quote process that helps you get insurance quotes from insurance providers throughout the UK. Comparing quotes can help you save time and money when looking for insurance.

Can I get regular car insurance for a limousine?

You will usually need specific limo insurance to drive a limo. Regular car insurance will not always cover limousines since they tend to be built differently and have different engine sizes than standard cars. Most limos are used for business purposes too, so you will need an insurance policy that reflects this. Your insurance quotes will also take into account the age of your vehicle, its mileage and many other factors to determine the correct price for your premium.

What other insurance do I need to drive a limo?

If you are working as a professional limo driver, you might also need additional insurance. For example, public liability insurance will protect you if one of your customers gets hurt in your limo. If you run a limo company, you might need motor fleet insurance to cover multiple vehicles.

Insurance for limo businesses

Most limos in the UK are used for business purposes. From proms to weddings to special occasions, a limo is a popular choice for all kinds of events. To ensure your limo or fleet of limos is safe on the road is it essential you have the right insurance in place. When your limos are used for business purposes it is important to look at the insurances available to cover this. A regular private limo insurance policy is not the same as a policy designed for business use. Make sure you put the correct details when using our comparison tool to ensure the insurance quotes are right and suitable for your business use of your limo.

What type of insurance can I get for a limo?

As with standard car insurance, you can get multiple levels of limo insurance. These include:

  • Third party insurance that protects against damage to others or the property of others
  • Third party, fire and theft that protects against damage to others as well as incidents where your limo suffers damage from fire or is stolen
  • Comprehensive insurance which will also cover at-fault claims and contents of your limo

You will need to decide which level of insurance is most suitable for your limo use. Remember the prices will differ dependent on the level of cover you choose. If you are unsure of the right level of cover for your limo then you can talk to your provider, who can talk through your options and help improve your understanding of the levels of cover available.