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Convicted driver insurance

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Convicted Driver Insurance

Compare Convicted Driver Insurance

If you have driving convictions, penalty points on your licence, or other types of convictions, you may worry about whether you can get affordable car insurance. However, a conviction doesn’t need to be the end of your driving.

Here at Apricot Insurance, we offer a quick and simple insurance quote process to help you find a great deal on your insurance. Comparing car insurance means you can find great deals without having to contact multiple insurance providers yourself.

Do criminal convictions affect car insurance?

If you have driving convictions or penalty points on your driving record, this will increase the cost of your insurance. Any other type of criminal record can also make your car insurance cost more. Insurers view drivers with criminal records or convictions as higher risk than other drivers and increase their prices based on this. It does not matter if you have a conviction unrelated to driving,you must declare it and it may increase the cost of your insurance.

How can a convicted driver get cheap insurance?

It can be hard to get cheap insurance if you are a convicted driver. You can lower try to lower your insurance by:

  • Comparing quotes from multiple insurers
  • Having a telematics (black box) fitted in your car
  • Increasing your voluntary excess
  • Making sure your car is secure over night

How long does a driving conviction affect your insurance?

Driving convictions will usually affect the cost of your car insurance for five years. Some insurers might offer cheaper insurance before this. You will usually find that the more time passes, the less impact your conviction will have on your premium cost.

Do insurance companies check driving convictions?

Yes, car insurance companies will check your driving convictions. When you apply for insurance you will usually be asked to disclose any convictions from the past five years.

Do I have to disclose driving convictions?

You should always disclose any driving convictions that you have on your record when you are looking for car insurance. Car insurance providers will likely be able to find out about any driving convictions you have, so you should be honest when asked.

What happens if you don’t declare driving convictions on insurance?

If you fail to declare driving convictions, most insurance companies will be able to find out and it may invalidate your contract and result in your insurance being cancelled. You must disclose all information an insurer asks for to avoid any issues further down the line. Your insurer has the right to cancel your insurance at any time, especially if you not disclosed driving or criminal convictions.

Can a banned driver get insurance?

Some insurance companies will not insure drivers who have been banned in the past. They do not want to take the risk involved in insuring a previously banned driver. However, you will still be able to find insurance through some insurers and there are companies who specialise in insurance for convicted and previously banned drivers. If you are unsure how to get insurance, you can contact us