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You’re in the right place if you’re looking for office insurance cover. Whether it’s small office insurance that you require, or cover for a much larger premises, we can provide quality cover at a competitive price.

Apricot is a modern broker specialising in office insurance as well as other commercial insurances such as tradesman insurance.

You’re looking to insure your office-based business, but what types of cover does business office insurance provide?

Business insurance – office

With Apricot you can insure your office as a part of your business insurance policy, so that you get all the cover you need under one roof. Just as when you insure a restaurant or a shop, for example, your business almost certainly requires public liability insurance. We’ll compare price and cover for you from a wide range of commercial insurers to find an office insurance quote that fits your needs.

There are a wide range of covers which can be incorporated depending on your circumstances. The following provides some information on the different types of cover available.

With comprehensive cover, you’re protected if a break-in occurs, or if equipment gets stolen or damaged. Comprehensive cover can also cover loss of productivity if your business is unable to function. If you and/or your team are unable to work, this means not only lost revenue but could potentially harm your business’ reputation too. Office insurance UK means your business can keep going when an insured event occurs, avoiding damaging down-time.

Your business may face a variety of different risks, and Apricot can help tailor your policy to fit the needs and usage that applies in your case.  This way it’s feasible to get cheap office insurance that truly fits your circumstances. So, whether you’re looking for accountancy office insurance, IT business office insurance or estate agency office insurance (or another totally different type of office), we can search our large panel of insurers to find you the most appropriate policy with a great price.

Office contents insurance and business equipment cover

Very likely, you have equipment in your office without which your business could not trade. If that equipment gets stolen or damaged, you are left with a huge problem. The items protected by this policy tend to be the things you’d take with you if you moved to another office. With contents and business equipment cover, your electrical apparatus, furniture and other items are covered so that you can replace things quickly and get your business back to speed. You can opt for computer cover, and each machine will be covered specifically under your office insurance policy. When you get your office contents insurance quote, we can quote a single price for all the other cover that you need.

Office buildings insurance

If you own the office, you will want buildings insurance. Building insurance within an office policy functions largely the same as your buildings insurance for your home, protecting, for example, against fire or flood, e.g. for structural damage.

Office liability insurance

What happens if someone injures themselves on your premises and makes a claim against you? This could be as simple as someone tripping on a cable or slipping on a wet floor. Although perhaps in an office setting the risk is lower than with a salon, for example, public liability insurance is essential for many businesses because it pays out against compensation and legal costs if you’re taken to court when such an accident occurs.

Employer’s liability cover

Employer’s liability insurance (also known as employee liability insurance) works in a similar way to public liability cover, except rather than protecting you against claims from the public, it covers your business in the event of claims from current or ex employees. It’s actually a legal requirement to have this even if you only have one employee.

Glass and signage cover

Another popular type of cover that can be included with office insurance is for glass and signage. It does what it sounds like, protecting your glass or signage in the event of loss or damage.

Legal expenses

Legal expenses cover protects you if you require legal help. This could be a case of you making a claim against another (e.g. a client) – if the claim stands a reasonable chance of success, your legal expenses cover will cover the costs of this action. Similarly, if someone makes a claim against you, your insurance will pay out for the costs of defence.

Cyber cover

In today’s world, it’s not only the risk to tangible assets that businesses want to protect. Cyber attacks or data breaches can cause havoc, or worse, to a business.

Cyber insurance is important for many businesses that hold customer data or other sensitive information. It covers financial costs and reputation damage due to data or electronic systems being compromised. Costs could include investigating a data/cyber crime, recovering lost data, getting computer systems back up and running, reputation management, and so-forth. Equally important, it covers the cost of claims by a third party or the cost of legally defending your business.

The cost of office insurance

There is no simple answer to the question “how much does office insurance cost?” As you may have guessed, it’s going to be a very different price point if you’re insuring a two-person office as compared to a large premises with lots of people.

Factors affecting the price of office insurance also include the type of business, your turnover, number of staff, and even the location, amongst many other variables.

Office insurance quote compare

The best thing to do is compare multiple insurers to find cover that suits at a price that represents great value. Apricot can do this for you. We have excellent rates for all types of office insurance cover, and work with lots of insurers to ensure we can cater for your needs at a good price. For an office insurance comparison, give us a call today and see how much you can save.

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