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Pub or bar insurance

You run a licenced premises. Whether it’s a local pub, wine bar, gastropub, city centre venue or another type of licenced business, you need appropriate insurance. There are a variety of risks in running a pub, for example inebriated customers, theft, slips, falls or accidents, or disasters such as fire or flood. It’s important to have cover for the risks most pressing to your business. Apricot work with a number of UK specialist insurers so that we can find you the right cover at a very competitive price. Regardless of the type of establishment you run, enquire today online or give us a call for a quote, and our experienced advisers can help identify a policy meeting your needs, and compare quotes to get you a great price.

Although you’re no doubt careful in the work that you do, and maybe you even conduct risk assessments, but this doesn’t guarantee that accidents or mishaps don’t occur. There are different kinds of perils and mishaps which pub business insurance can protect against. The insurance required for bars can include cover for your building and your contents, and also against legal or compensation costs if you’re held responsible for an accident or mishap.

Owning a pub or bar is an exciting profession, lots of people to meet and a jovial atmosphere to enjoy, but it also comes with great stresses and challenges. Although shopping for insurance doesn’t feature on most landlords’ list of favourite business tasks, once you have the cover in place, you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Public house insurance contents cover

Your licenced premises is likely to have a lot of expensive items making up the contents of the pub. Everything from stools to glassware to point of sale equipment, and more. If a large amount of your insured property gets stolen or damaged (for example in a flood or fire), think how much disruption and expense it could bring to your business. Could your business bounce back quickly, or could such a disaster hold your business hostage for an extended period? A bar insurance policy’s contents cover can step in if such events occur, and pay out to cover the cost of your losses.

Building insurance from pub insurance brokers

Building insurance does “what it says on the tin” – covers your building against structural damage. If you are a tenant, you will likely not require this as buildings cover would be the responsibility of the landlord. However, if you own the building the risk is on you. What if a flood, fire, gas explosion or subsidence damaged your pub building? When repairing or rebuilding due to such events, instead of bearing the full cost yourself, your tavern insurance, pub insurance or bar insurance will pay out to cover your costs and get your business operational again as quickly as possible.

Public liability insurance for pubs

When you get pub insurance quotes, one type of cover you are very likely to need is bar liability insurance. This public liability cover protects you from claims brought by customers or members of the public, if someone got injured (or in the worst case, killed) or had their property damaged as a result of your business. Such claims can be inordinately expensive, and can pose a real risk to pub businesses. Despite all your care, accidents can and do happen. Examples of claims might include someone slipping on a wet floor and breaking a bone, or injury due to someone getting hot water spilled on them. Public liability cover means that your legal costs and the cost of compensation are covered by the policy.

Bar insurance – employers liability cover

Most pubs and bars have employees or workers, and therefore will need employers liability protection. While public liability cover, as just discussed, comes into action if a member of the public is victim of an incident and holds you responsible, employers liability does the same thing but for the case of employees taking a claim against you for an accident or becoming ill due to their work. Hefty fines can be incurred if any business has employees and fails to take out employers liability insurance. (There is an exemption for certain small family businesses, but the exemption is limited, so be sure to check for certain if you think this may apply.)

Stock and frozen food covers

As a public house or similar business, it’s likely that you carry significant amounts of stock. Losing it could be catastrophic because it could leave your business unable to function properly until it has been replaced. Stock cover provides protection against such an event by paying out if an insured mishap causes loss of stock. It can also cover your supplies of frozen food. Bear in mind that a disaster such as a fire or flood could hit your stock, your contents, and maybe even your building all at once. With comprehensive business insurance, though, all of these things could be covered by the different elements of your policy.

Glass and signage cover

Your bar front and signage are critical to attracting customers, and to your business in general. Get them covered. If an accident or vandalism occurred that damaged these vital items, your policy could step in and quickly cover the cost of repairs or replacements, meaning that your business can continue without much interruption.

Average cost of pub insurance

How much does pub insurance cost? Unfortunately, this question is impossible to answer without getting a quote. So many variables exist that combine to determine how cheaply the insurer is prepared to cover you. Insurance prices tend to be based on complex calculations on the insurer’s part relating to the likelihood you’ll claim and how much those claims might be for. So, for example, pubs in some locations will be much cheaper to insure than others. Furthermore, the size and nature of your business and the particular type of venue you run also significantly affect price, as does the level of cover that you need.  It’s important to compare quotes, as for your circumstances most likely some insurers will be much more expensive than others. That’s where Apricot can help, as not only can we help tailor your policy to suit your particular business and needs, but we also work with multiple specialist insurers so that we can find the most suitable deal for you.

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