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Courier insurance UK

Courier insurance is designed for van, car, truck, motorcycle or scooter drivers, who are engaged in the business of transporting goods for other people. Types of cover can include goods in transit insurance, transport for hire and reward, public liability and employers liability. You may need some of these covers but not others. The policy covers the vehicle and the business usage. At Apricot, we can help you find tailored cover to fit your individual circumstances. If you’re not sure what you need give our friendly experienced UK team a call and we’ll be delighted to help. Otherwise just click below and request a quick quote online.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Courier Insurance

As a courier, in order to deliver goods safely and legally, you will need courier insurance. This type of insurance covers both the goods and the vehicle whilst the goods are in transit.

What does courier insurance mean?

Any courier will need this type of insurance. If you are delivering food or other items, your standard car or van insurance is void. Courier insurance is an extra policy that covers you for deliveries.

Do you need insurance as a self-employed courier?

Yes. If you are delivering food or working as a self-employed courier for a larger firm, you’ll need courier insurance. Not only will it protect the goods you’re delivering, but also you and your vehicle from any damages caused in the delivery. You may wish to look at public liability insurance quotes too, if you are self-employed.

Is it a legal requirement?

Yes. If you are a courier, this type of insurance is legally required in the UK. Standard vehicle insurance alone won’t cut it.

How can I get insured in the UK?

You can get courier insurance in the UK for a car or van. The fastest way to find fair value courier insurance quotes is through our comparison service, right here at Apricot Insurance.

What if I don’t get insured?

If the police stop you whilst you are delivering goods without courier insurance, you may face an IN10. Since standard car or van insurance doesn’t include delivery making, you are treated as an uninsured driver. It’s illegal to drive without insurance in the UK: this carries a conviction, 6 penalty points, and a large fine.

Can I get courier insurance for my car?

Yes, you can get this type of cover for a car. You can find car insurance quotes through Apricot, too.

What about my van?

Yes, you can get courier insurance for a van. It can be taken out for any type of vehicle that uses public roads. The vehicle must be under 3.5 tonnes in weight – the size of a small van. You can also find van insurance quotes through Apricot. If you drive a minibus, see our page on minibus insurance.

What’s secrecy insurance?

You may wish to take out secrecy insurance if you are transporting sensitive materials. Secrecy insurance protects you from data breach scandals, which can run into the millions. It’s not a legal requirement for self-employed couriers in the UK to have secrecy insurance, but it can be a smart idea if you’re delivering, say, legal documents or large sums of cash.

Is haulage insurance the same thing?

No. Haulage applies to vehicles that are over 3.5 tonnes in weight. Large freight companies use haulage because they have to deliver numerous heavy items at once.

Where can I get courier insurance quotes?

You can get accurate, reliable quotes for your courier business from Apricot Insurance. We provide quotes from some of the biggest names in UK insurance.