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Sometimes delivery drivers struggle to get good value insurance cover, or even to get appropriate insurance at all. Don’t fret, though, we should be able to get you covered. Whether you’re driving a car, van, motorcycle or scooter, or a lorry, delivery insurance covers your vehicle and helps keep it on the road. Additional types of cover can be incorporated, such as liability insurance and so on. Get quotes with Apricot today. We specialise in all types of commercial insurance, and delivery driver insurance is no exception. You can call our experienced, friendly UK team, or alternatively click the button below to start a quote online.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Delivery Driver Insurance

If you deliver parcels or food for a living, you may need delivery driver insurance. Similar to courier insurance, this type of insurance protects both your vehicle and the goods you are delivering whilst you are at work.

What is delivery driver insurance?

Delivery driver insurance is a must for anyone that earns a living delivering goods. It ensures everything is protected in transit, which can be bumpy.

Is it a legal requirement?

If you’re driving without the correct type of insurance in the UK, you could face charges. Standard car or van insurance doesn’t cover making deliveries or working from your vehicle. If the police stop you while you are making deliveries and you don’t have delivery driver insurance, you will be convicted of an IN10, and treated as though you are driving without insurance. An IN10 carries a large fine and a minimum of 6 points on your license.

What does delivery driver insurance cover?

This type of insurance allows you as a delivery driver to cover yourself for damages. Not only are you protected in a personal sense, you are also covered for the vehicle and the goods you are delivering.

Do I need delivery driver insurance in the UK?

If you are using your vehicle to deliver goods on public roads, you need delivery driver insurance. Using your vehicle for ‘business use’ on a standard policy won’t cover you for delivery driver work.

Do I need delivery driver insurance in NI?

The same rules apply for delivery driver insurance in Northern Ireland as in the rest of the UK. If you make deliveries using a vehicle and public roads, you will need insurance.

Can it be added onto an existing car/van insurance policy?

There are no allowances for this with standard insurers. When you become a delivery driver, you are using your car or van for commercial purposes. You’ll have to take the policy out as separate insurance to your standard policy. You may want to take on extra insurance, too, such as public liability or even coach insurance, depending on your vehicle and the nature of your business.

How much does delivery driver insurance cost?

The fastest way to find out the costs of delivery driver insurance is to get a quote. You can get started in minutes by completing our short form to get quotes for delivery driver insurance.

Can I get insured if I’m a new driver?

There are no age limitations on whether you can buy and use delivery driver insurance. The only requirements are that you work as a delivery driver and have a valid driving license.

Where can I get delivery driver insurance quotes?

You can get online delivery driver insurance quotes through Apricot Insurance. We offer fast, friendly quotes from a wide network of providers. We’ve dedicated years to creating collaborations with insurance providers across the UK. So, we can connect you with our network and find you great delivery driver insurance deals that meet your needs.