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Static caravan insurance

Apricot Insurance offers quality insurance for static caravans based in the UK.

Your static caravan is your “home from home” and you’re wise to think of protecting it. Although there’s no legal requirement to have static caravan insurance, a caravan is a big investment that comes with risks and responsibilities – static home insurance can help give you peace of mind.

The insurance needed by a static caravan owner is similar to your home insurance, but with some key differences. One factor is that, like with holiday home insurance, you normally only occupy the residence for limited periods. It may be empty for significant periods, or perhaps you let it out to other holidaymakers. If that’s the case, be sure to tell your insurer or broker that you intend to do this as specific cover will be needed. Another variable is that as buildings and security go, it’s very different from a bricks and mortar house.

You may find that the owners of the park or location your caravan occupies could require you to have current insurance.

Obviously there are things you can do, in some cases, to mitigate risks to your caravan, such as having alarms or security (this may in some cases also reduce the price of your insurance!), or being careful of your belongings, but unfortunately such precautions do not prevent hazards from occurring altogether.

Not to mention that certain disasters can happen which are generally completely out of your control. For example, what if a storm or flood occurred and damaged your static caravan? Often there’s higher risk because static caravans are often located in seaside locations where risks such as floods are greater. Coast static caravan insurance comes to the rescue. Likewise, a fire could totally destroy your investment – perhaps when you’re not even there – so the benefits of being insured are already clear.

Static caravan insurance UK – caravan and contents

When you’re looking for the best static caravan insurance for your needs and circumstances, you will need to consider what protections are necessary for you, and your broker (such as Apricot) can quote a tailored policy with your needs considered.

Most static caravan insurance quotes will incorporate protection against fire, crime, storm and flood. The caravan itself may get damaged or destroyed, so the insurance pays out when such an insured event occurs so that you are compensated for your losses.

Likewise most often your contents will also be insured. Theft is probably a significant risk since the levels of security for a static caravan are generally less than those of a house, plus the accommodation is often left unoccupied for extensive periods of time. When you get a quote, ensure you consider the total value of your contents so that you can be adequately insured without paying over the odds.

Other static caravan insurance cover

There are certain other covers that are frequently available, either as part of the policy as standard, or as an optional extra. Here is some information.

Static caravan insurance new for old policies pay for brand new replacements if items are stolen or damaged beyond repair, whereas other policies pay the market value of your items at the time of claim, rather than new items.

Some policies cover you for accidental damage, so that repairs or replacements needed due to an accident can be offered. Fixtures and fittings cover, if included, can protect items such as patios, steps, sheds, etc. Some providers even offer emergency accommodation cover so that alternative dwellings can be organised if your static caravan is out of use due to an insured event. Some insurers offer lock and key cover which can provide replacements if loss, damage or theft put them out of use. Legal cover is offered by some insurers, which pays for the costs of legal action taken in relation to your caravan. Even public liability cover can be included in some policies, which pays out if someone got badly hurt or their property damaged and they held you responsible. The cost of such claims can be sky high, so it’s a valuable type of cover to have. These are just a few examples of additional features that you may be offered when you compare static caravan insurance.

Cheapest static caravan insurance UK

How can you get cheap static caravan insurance? There are a lot of factors that feed in to determining the premium price you may be quoted. It’s always good to get a competitive price – and Apricot work with multiple leading specialist insurers, so there’s every chance we’ll find you a great quote. However, price isn’t everything, and it’s vital that you check the cover included to make sure it actually meets your needs.

Variables that help to determine the price you’ll be quoted include the value of your static caravan, the value of your contents, the caravan’s location, security that you may have in place such as alarms, and your claims history. Also obviously the price is affected by how comprehensive the policy is and any optional extras you have included.

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