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Public Liability Insurance

Public liability protects against the financial consequences should a member of the public get injured, killed, or their property damaged in relation to your business. Without it, you could be taken to court and the legal and compensation costs could be enormous. Even though you’re responsible and safety-conscious, serious incidents can still happen for which you could be held accountable. Public liability cover usually covers the cost of compensation, repairs or replacement for damaged property, legal fees if it goes to court, and further expenses covered under the policy. It also usually covers you for the costs of ambulance and hospital care if the NHS makes a claim against you.

It doesn’t cover accidents that happen to you, damages to your own property or accidents impacting your employees (see below about employers liability insurance).

If you have any visitors to your place of business (for example if you run a shop) or if you work on clients’ premises then public liability cover can be particularly crucial.

Is it a legal requirement?

Public liability insurance cover is not legally mandated, but is essential protection for most businesses.

Sometimes in practice it’s necessary to have it in place in order to do business, for example tradespeople may be asked to prove their public liability insurance before beginning work, and in other lines of work clients or others may also require it.

It’s treated as a permitted expense for businesses, in other words it should be tax deductible.

A public liability insurance policy protects against claims by members of the public, but not if something happens to your employees – for that you need employers liability insurance, which we also offer. If you would like employers liability cover, still just get a quote from one of the links on this page – we can quote for public liability, employers’ liability and/or other covers you may need at the same time.

Cheap public liability insurance

How much does public liability insurance cost? Whether sole trader public liability insurance or indeed for a limited company, is there such a thing as cheap public liability insurance? Well, yes… but you’ll want to compare public liability cover, not just price. First of all, there are different levels of business public liability insurance. Obviously a policy offering £10 million worth of cover is likely to cost more than one only offering £1 million. Likewise you’ll want to decide how comprehensive you need the policy to be in terms of features. Our friendly UK team of advisers can help with this and lay out the options for you.

Then there are other factors which help to determine the price of premium you’re asked to pay. For example the industry you work in – some professions are just riskier than others (e.g. compare a clerical office to working on a high-risk building site). The size of your business and the number of employees is another price-sensitive factor. Some insurers will also consider your health and safety record. Furthermore, your location can affect the price – insurers calculate that the chances of claims are much higher in some localities than others. And any history of claims can have the effect of increasing your premiums somewhat.

Compare public liability insurance quotes

Regardless of the factors above, some insurers are simply more expensive for specific circumstances whereas others are cheaper. There’s no easy way of telling which are going to come up the most cost-effective. So an element of comparison is advisable to help get the best deal. Apricot work with a wide range of leading UK insurers, so when you get a quote with us we’ll compare the value offered by each. That way you should receive an appropriate quote at a great price. Give us a call or request a quote online today.

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