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Salon insurance quote

Nearly every business needs suitable insurance. Salon businesses are no different.

If you’re providing treatments out of a retail premises, why not consider insurance specially designed for the job? We provide tailored cover designed for you, whether your business is a beauty salon, hairdressers, complementary care salon or nail salon for example.

We work with a lot of different insurers, so we can compare quotes to find you a great deal.

The following are just a few types of salon business that we cover:

  • Beauty salon insurance
  • Hairdressing salon insurance
  • Insurance for nail salon
  • Tanning salon insurance
  • Salon and spa insurance
  • Holistic beauty insurance
  • Stylist insurance
  • Many more – if your business is a salon, chances are we can insure it.

With our salon insurance quotes, you get several components to your cover, protecting you from major risks to yourself and your business. These include public liability, employee liability, stock and contents cover, accidental damage insurance and glass and signage protection, amongst others.

Because we work with a wide range of insurers, we can compare prices and cover to find you the best deal, so that you can have cheap salon insurance that matches your needs. Let us help you with a salon insurance comparison today.

Salon liability insurance

You use expert care and good practices in your salon, yet, still there are a variety of risks in the work you do. More so than with insuring a shop, for example. You’re responsible for the welfare of clients and visitors, so it’s important to protect yourself against unforeseen eventualities. In any retail business, slips or falls are possible, but many salons also carry sharp objects and harmful chemicals, so it’s easy to see why it pays to protect. Here’s where hair and beauty salon insurance, nail salon business insurance or tanning salon insurance comes to the rescue.

The public liability element of your cover pays out if a customer or other member of the public sues you for damages or injury. Such claims, if left uninsured, can be catastrophic for your business. It only takes one client or member of the public to chase compensation or pursue legal action against you. Salon liability insurance helps you maintain calm and order if a disaster strikes.

In addition to public liability insurance for beauty salon (or other type of salon), our policies also include products liability, which mean that you’re covered for injuries or property damage if you unknowingly used or sold faulty products.

Building cover for salons

Our salon cover insurance will protect the building as standard. This offers cover in the event of things like flood, fire, burst pipes, riots, storms and theft.

Stock and contents cover for salons

You probably keep a significant amount of stock on your premises which is vital for the running of your business. Insurance for salon with stock cover protects you from theft or damage.

Beauty salon contents insurance included in our beauty salon policies. Same for hair salons, nail salons or tanning salon. Whatever your salon business does, business contents cover protects the items kept at your business premises (besides stock).

Fixtures and fittings cover does exactly what it sounds like – protect your salon’s fixtures and fittings.

If you added up the value of the contents used in your salon, it’s probably a considerable sum. Our salon insurance UK policies incorporate fixtures and fittings cover, as well as contents and stock, so that you can have peace of mind. This protects against damage or loss of fittings, equipment or tools kept on your premises. This type of cover pays out in events such as theft, flood or fire.

If there was a disaster, such as a flood or fire, and you needed to replace everything, could your business bounce back? Would your business be interrupted, stopped in its tracks or even shut down by such events? It’s better to be prepared. Our insurance for salons includes protection for your stock and contents so that you’ve got a safety-net.

Employee liability for salons

If you have employees, you are probably legally required to have employer’s liability insurance for your salon. There are even fines of up to £2,500 each day for businesses that employ people but don’t have employee liability cover.

It’s a possibility for any business owner that an employee could make a claim. What if someone got burned by straighteners, or got injured in a fall, for example, and held your business responsible, for example?

Good safety practices, of course, vastly reduce such risks, but you can never be sure the unexpected won’t happen. If it does, you can look to your hair salon business insurance or nail salon business insurance for crucial help to get through the difficult circumstances.

Sometimes claims can arise even long after the employee has stopped working for you. With your salon insurance including employers’ liability cover, you are still protected in this event. Both the compensation claim and medical and legal bills arising from employee illness or injury can be covered.

Other types of cover for salons

With a salon insurance policy from Apricot, lots of other covers are provided to help your business continue uninterrupted in the event of incidents including money cover, business interruption, goods in transit, book debts, and so on.

You can also opt for specific covers such as glass, canopies and signs, loss of licence, ATM money, employee dishonesty, cyber and personal accident.

Apricot Insurance is a modern broker specialising in commercial insurances such as salon insurance, tradesman insurance and minibus insurance. Our team has years of experience of helping customers find the right policy.

Whether you’re local to us in Northern Ireland, or are based in England, Scotland or Wales, we work with a wide panel of insurers so that we can get you covered for a great price! When you call us for a quote, we can give you guidance on the different options available so that you can come away with a policy ideally suited to your needs.

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