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Minibus insurance quote

Whether you’re intending to use your minibus for personal use, private or contract hire, you need appropriate insurance. We offer cover for all types of use, and for single or multiple minibuses. Whether it’s 9 seater minibus insurance you’re looking for, or 17 seater minibus insurance, Apricot works with a wide range of insurers, so can shop around to find you the right cover. And our prices are great too!

A vehicle which seats 9 to 17 people will most likely be classed as a minibus. It’s also known as an MPV (multi passenger vehicle). (If you have a larger vehicle it may be coach or bus insurance that you need.)

The purpose for a minibus can vary considerably, as there are several common types of usage. Perhaps the minibus is for school use – ferrying pupils to and from school, or taking groups on school trips, sports matches or events. School minibus insurance is the ticket. Or perhaps it’s used for charitable events. Maybe disabled access is key because passengers are going to be physically impaired. Some churches own minibuses for a variety of purposes. Nursing homes are another typical user of minibuses, offering their own transport for staff and residents.

The intended usage of the minibus will have a major bearing on the type of insurance for a minibus you require. Maybe you only plan to use it privately to transport family or friends, or maybe use it just like a private car. Or maybe you plan to use it for hire or for events. If people pay for the transportation, either in a private capacity or (for example) pay a contribution to the cost of transport, this may have an effect on the policy and premium that’s suitable.

Don’t worry, Apricot provides all these types of cover, and when you call or enquire, our friendly Northern Ireland based team will help understand your needs and give you our best minibus insurance quote that’s a match for your circumstances.

Note, however, that if you operate the minibus as a taxi (hire and reward basis) you’ll need a taxi insurance policy instead.

Cheap minibus insurance

When looking for minibus insurance online, one thing that concerns people is the price! Apricot provide competitively priced cover in a range of areas from holiday home insurance to cheap landlord insurance. It can be tricky to get competitive minibus cover because it’s quite a specialist type of insurance. So it’s helpful to find a specialist minibus insurance brokers (like Apricot) who can search multiple leading insurers to find great minibus insurance quotes. That’s the way to find a cheap minibus insurance online quote.

No, it’s not likely to be as cheap as a standard car insurance policy. For one thing, it’s a bigger vehicle so there’s more that can get damaged. Carrying more passengers means more inherent risk, and more people who could in theory be injured. In short, insurers calculate that the risk, size and complexity of claims is likely to be higher in the case of a minibus insurance policy (even private minibus insurance), compared to a standard car policy. If you’re hiring the minibus out, this adds a further layer of risk which will be factored into your policy.

Maybe you are looking for cheap family minibus insurance, or maybe you need commercial minibus insurance. If you want quality cheap minibus insurance, contact Apricot today and let us find our best rates and compare minibus insurance cover for you. But there’s more to it than just price. We tailor the policy to your requirements and usage, rather than focusing on a “one size fits all” approach.

Types of minibus cover

As with car insurance, the very minimum you have to get covered (legally) is “third party”. This just means you’re protected from the cost of damage to another person’s property, or injuries that you may cause to another person in your use of the vehicle. This type of cover doesn’t protect you from damage to your own vehicles or injuries you personally incur, if the accident is deemed to be your fault.

Third party fire and theft cover is the same, but additionally covering fire or theft events that may affect your vehicle.

Like with your standard car insurance, you can also opt for comprehensive cover with minibus insurance UK, which covers you for all the third party fire and theft benefits, but also protects you and your minibus, even if you’re at fault in an accident.

Taking passengers from A to B requires care and good judgment. Yet, it still doesn’t eradicate the potential for accidents or mishaps. You’re responsible for the welfare and safety of your passengers, so, if you’re carrying members of the public, what happens if you accidentally injure another person or damage property? You are probably going to want public liability cover as part of your minibus insurance. Public liability insurance means you’ve got protection if you get sued – the insurance will pay out the compensation, legal and medical costs incurred.

There are also other types of cover which can be built into your policy such as windscreen cover and minibus breakdown cover. Legal cover can also be added to protect you from legal fees or losses following an accident that’s not your fault. It can reclaim uninsured losses not covered elsewhere. Minibus insurance companies differ in what they provide, but, don’t worry, we will help you identify and find what you need.

So, don’t delay, contact our friendly Northern Ireland based customer support team today, and we’ll work hard to find and set you up with the most suitable policy.

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