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Motor trade insurance UK

If your business involves taking care of vehicles, then you are likely to need motortrade insurance. When car, vans or trucks (for example) are taken into your ‘care, custody and control’, they are usually no longer covered by the owner’s insurance, and you will need protection from the relevant risks.

Apricot can help get you a fantastic deal on your motor trade insurance quote. We will offer you our best policy and pricing. Insurers differ significantly in their policies and pricing, so with Apricot you can compare multiple insurers.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Motortrade Insurance UK

 Motortrade insurance covers a wide variety of businesses in the motortrade industry. It’s important to make sure you have the right type of insurance for your business, and Apricot Insurance can help find the right cover for you. 

What businesses does motortrade insurance cover?

Motortrade insurance in the UK can cover almost any business that works with vehicles. This can include:

* Vehicle repairers.

* Scrap yards.

* Car valet services.

* MOT services.

* Breakdown and recovery services.

Having the right insurance is vital to make sure vehicles in your care are properly protected and insured if something happens. 

Does motortrade insurance include taxis and private hire vehicles?

Taxi insurance is a common type of insurance that is often handled by specialist firms. We can help you find the right insurance for your taxi or private hire vehicle.


What else does motor trade insurance UK cover?

The exact type of cover you need for your motor trade business is up to you. There are many options to choose from when selecting your motortrade insurance.

Employee liability insurance protects your employees while they are driving or working on vehicles for your business.

Public liability insurance protects you in case a member of the public gets hurt.

Legal cover helps towards the costs of any legal proceedings in case of an incident.

Accidental damage insurance helps to safeguard against problems when you are working on someone’s vehicle.

There are many types of additional insurance you can add to your motortrade insurance policy.


What is a road risks policy?

Road risk policy is motortrade insurance that insures vehicles when they’re driven as part of your motortrade business. This means you’re insured if there’s an accident when driving a customer’s car or your own car for business.

Road risk policies are similar to standard car insurance with various levels of cover. The options are usually:

* Third party – protecting others in case of an accident.

* Third part, fire, and theft – including fire and theft damage.

* Comprehensive – this covers damage, even when it’s your fault.


Who is covered for driving on a motortrade insurance policy?

Generally, only named drivers are insured to drive on this type of policy. You can usually add more drivers to your policy when getting quotes. You can often allow accompanied unnamed drivers if necessary.


I fix cars at home – do I need motortrade insurance?

Any business that works with motor vehicles for profit needs motortrade insurance, even if you work on the vehicles at home.

Are all vehicles covered?

Some insurers may not offer cover for imported or high-value vehicles. Compare quotes to find cover that is good value for your business.

At Apricot Insurance we work with leading insurers to find you cheap motortrade insurance. Get a cheap motortrade insurance quote at Apricot today.