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Taxi insurance UK

Compared to your car insurance, insuring a taxi can be a more expensive endeavour! This is because of the amount of driving you’re likely to do, and because taxi policies include liability cover for carrying passengers (to name but two reasons). That said, there are things you can do to get a great value deal. Obviously it helps if you’ve got more experience as a taxi driver and take care to be safe on the roads.

It also helps immensely if you can compare prices. This is where Apricot can assist. Compare quotes quickly today and see if you can save a lot with Apricot!

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Taxi insurance

Taxi insurance is like car insurance but it also covers using your taxi for business. This is very important when you drive a taxi for commercial purposes. With our help, you can get cheap quotes for taxi insurance UK. 

Is taxi insurance expensive?

Insuring a taxi in the UK is generally more expensive than insuring a car. The reasons include higher mileage, as you are likely to do more driving in your taxi than in your car. You will carry passengers, so you need insurance in case there is an accident. 

How do I insure my taxi for the lowest cost?

To get taxi insurance for a competitive price, get cheap quotes through Apricot Insurance and compare your offers. At Apricot Insurance, we work with the UK’s leading insurance companies to find you cheap taxi insurance. 

Can my taxi be insured for personal use?

Taxi insurance generally includes cover for your social, domestic, and pleasure use as well as commercial use. If you get insurance that covers all of this, you can use your taxi for personal use without additional cover. 

Will taxi firms pay insurance?

Some taxi companies may pay insurance, but some don’t. You will need to check with your company. If they don’t provide cover, you will need to get your own insurance.

Do taxi drivers need public liability?

Public liability insurance protects you in case a member of the public is hurt while using your taxi. This is a very important type of cover for a taxi driver or taxi business.

Is taxi insurance the same as business insurance?

Running a taxi is a type of business. UK taxi insurance is a type of business insurance that includes public liability insurance and accident insurance. 

Do Uber drivers need taxi insurance?

You will need to check your contract to see if you have insurance. Generally, if you work as a contracted taxi driver for a firm, you will need to have taxi insurance. Companies that hire taxi drivers require their drivers to have the correct taxi insurance.

Can my partner drive my taxi for their own use?

Most UK taxi insurance policies allow you to add your spouse to your policy. This means they can use the taxi for social, domestic, or pleasure driving. This may affect your policy quote. 

What’s the difference between public hire and private hire?

You can approach public hire taxis on the street and do not have to pre-book them. You must book private hire taxis in advance, either through a phone call or using a website. 

Can I use my no-claims bonus from a private car on my taxi insurance?

Usually you can only use no-claims bonuses earned driving taxis for taxi insurance. 

What does taxi insurance UK include?

Taxi insurance includes liability insurance for people and property. It also includes protection in case of damage to your taxi, and can cover items kept in your taxi, such as a GPS system.