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Private hire insurance UK

For a private hire or minicab driver, your car is your business, so it’s essential (not only because it’s a legal requirement) to have appropriate insurance to cover you. We understand that it’s hard to get competitive prices for private hire insurance, and that it’s one of the major costs to operating. So Apricot are dedicated to getting you a good price. Whether your cab is a saloon or an MPV or something different, give Apricot a try and see how much you can save.

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Private Hire Insurance UK

Private hire insurance UK is very similar to standard car insurance. But using your vehicle commercially means you need specialist private hire insurance. This will help to protect you if something happens while using your car as a private hire vehicle. 

What is private hire insurance?

Private hire insurance covers the additional risk of using a vehicle for private hire. A private hire vehicle will often travel many more miles compared to a personal vehicle. This increases the risk of an accident. 

What are the basic features of private hire insurance?

Private hire insurance is very much like regular car insurance including similar features such as:

* Third party,

* Third party, fire, and theft, and

* Comprehensive cover.

You can pick whatever type of insurance suits you and your needs best. Private hire insurance also includes other important features. 

What are the additional features of private hire insurance?

Private hire insurance also covers special areas to help protect you.

Public liability insurance covers someone getting hurt, or property damage when using your private hire vehicle.

Legal cover protects against the costs of legal proceedings in case there is an accident or problem.

Breakdown cover is very similar to car breakdown cover and can help recover your vehicle in case of a mechanical failure.

Other options may be available depending on the insurer you choose.

Can I insure my private hire vehicle for personal use?

Most private hire insurance in the UK allows you to use your vehicle for personal driving, also known as social, domestic, and pleasure use. This means that you can use your vehicle for non-commercial purposes without additional insurance.

What is private hire vs public hire?

Private hire vehicles must be booked in advance. For example, they can be booked over the phone or using a website or a mobile phone app.

Public hire vehicles can be booked in advance, or may be hailed down on the street and hired immediately.

Each type of hire requires different insurance. If you are buying minicab insurance UK, you need to make sure that your vehicle is a private hire vehicle. 

Do you need private hire insurance for Uber?

You will need correct insurance when working for a company as a private hire vehicle driver. Some companies engage drivers as self-employed contractors. These companies usually do not arrange insurance for drivers. If this is the case, you will need to arrange your own private hire insurance.


What is PCO insurance?

PCO insurance is a specific type of private hire insurance that is needed when working in London. If you are working in a private hire vehicle outside London, this usually does not apply to you.


How do I get a quote for private hire insurance UK?

At Apricot Insurance we work with the UK’s leading insurance companies to find you cheap private hire insurance UK. Get a cheap quote today to find the right insurance for your needs.