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Shop insurance quotes

Nearly every business needs suitable insurance, shops and retail businesses included.

Apricot specialises in commercial insurances such as salon insurance and shop insurance. We work with a wide range of leading insurers, so we can find you quality shop insurance cover at a great price.

We provide tailored cover designed for you, whether your business is a florist, bakery, bookshop, chemist, convenience store, butcher or greengrocer. We also provide coffee shop insurance, fish and chip shop insurance, clothes shop insurance, pet shop insurance, cycle shop insurance, tyre shop insurance, vape shop insurance and even tattoo shop insurance, to give just a few examples. We provide insurance for shops, no matter the kind.

Thankfully, we offer dedicated cheap shop insurance policies designed specifically for retailers. Make sure you tell us if your business has a shopfront, so that we can quote a policy that’s well suited to your particular needs.

The following are all elements we can offer as part of a shop insurance UK policy:

Public liability cover for shops

In a retail business, you’re responsible for the welfare of your customers and visitors. If someone makes a claim against you it can be incredibly expensive, and it’s important to have protection to minimise the risk to your business. Shop liability insurance is designed for If a member of the public gets hurt at your premises or their property gets damaged, you’ve got public liability cover as part of your insurance package.

While, typically, shop insurance arguably addresses a lower level of risk than, for example, electrician insurance, don’t underestimate the risk of claims in a shop environment.

Shop public liability insurance pays out against compensation claims and legal fees, when an insured event occurs.

Stock insurance and shop contents insurance

As a retailer, you probably also carry a significant amount of stock. How would it affect your business if there was a break-in, fire, flood, or another insured calamity? Our retail shop insurance includes stock and contents cover, which means you’ve got financial protection for such events.

Note that if you are the building owner, but do not run the shop itself, you’ll want to consider commercial landlord insurance instead.

When we compare quotes for you, whether for coffee shop insurance, fish and chip shop insurance, clothes shop insurance, pet shop insurance or cycle shop insurance, you can be reassured that your stock and contents will be protected.

Fixtures and fittings cover for shops

You’ve spent significant money on the shop’s fixtures and fittings, and they’re usually vital for your shop’s operation and for the customer impression of your business. By taking out a commercial shop insurance policy from Apricot, you get these safeguarded.

Whether it’s shop small business insurance, or cover for a larger premises, fixtures and fittings come at a price, and you might regret it if you do not take out cover.

For many shop owners, the insurance gives significant peace of mind.

Accidental damage cover for shops

We also offer the option of accidental damage insurance, so that you can reclaim costs, or get replacements, if something gets broken or damaged by accident. Imagine you damage a wall when you’re putting up shelves, you could get it repaired under your shop insurance.

Electronic equipment is also covered, so if your till gets broken in a mishap, you can make a claim. It’s important to note general wear and tear is not covered.

Employer’s liability cover for shops

There’s always a chance that something happens to someone who works for you, and you could be liable.

Even when you’re very safety conscious and try to take all precautions, falls or injuries can happen to anyone, and it pays to be covered for workplace injuries or work-related illnesses.

Employers are responsible for the safety and health of your people while they’re working for you.

As an employer you could be held liable and be hit with the cost of settling and defending any claims.

This cover is also compulsory for most businesses with employees. In fact, fines can be handed out for up to £2500 for each day your business has no cover with appropriate employee liability insurance.

With Apricot, this is taken care of as part of the shop insurance offering. It covers employees and contractors, even if they’re temporary or casual workers.

Shop building insurance

OK, so you’ve recognised you need shop public liability insurance, and some of the other types of cover outlined here, but what about the building itself? Shop buildings insurance comes as standard with Apricot. When repairing or rebuilding becomes necessary due to an insured event like a fire or flood, where your building is damaged or destroyed, building insurance can pay out to cover costs.

Glass and signage insurance for shops

When you take out a shop insurance policy with Apricot, your glass and signage can be covered. Your shopfront is the face of your business, so breakages or vandalism need to be addressed quickly. Whether it’s a chemist, convenience store, coffee shop or butcher’s or greengrocers (or any other type of shop), your glass and signage is important, and insurance is well worth considering. With our cover, we can easily include this benefit with your policy so that you don’t need to worry.

Business cash cover for shops

With a retail business, you’re likely to keep cash on the premises, potentially a significant amount. What if it got stolen? Again, our insurance has you covered.

Other types of cover

With insurance for shop in UK, Apricot can tailor your policy for your needs, you can opt to include various other types of protection into the one policy. These options include loss of licence, ATM money, employee dishonesty, legal expenses cover and more. We would be delighted to consult with you to match you with the type of cover that you need.

One option worth mentioning is cyber cover. This is a type of insurance that is becoming more necessary (for many businesses) in this day and age. If you hold customer details on a computer, sometimes criminals can break through your security, and this can leave you open to a claim from people whose details have been compromised. Cyber cover is an option that can be added into your shop insurance quote, if needs be.

How much does shop insurance cost?

The short answer is it varies hugely. Insurance is data-driven these days, and there are many factors that insurers look at to determine the likelihood you will claim. Your shop’s location, whether in London, Leeds, Manchester or elsewhere makes a difference to the price. The size and type of your business will have a dramatic impact on how much it costs to insure. And while there are certain types of cover included as standard, the optional extras you include will obviously affect your quote. Your date of birth makes a difference too!

With all these variables, it’s not possible to estimate the cost of UK shop insurance without some information about you and your business. Every insurer uses a different calculation to determine their premiums too. That’s why the best thing to do is to get quotes from multiple insurers to see which one provides the best value to you. Luckily you can do that in one place!

Insuring with Apricot

We work with a lot of insurers, so are able to provide great policies at cheap prices. We’ll compare price and cover from all of our insurers to get you the best deal. We’re a friendly team based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but we have great rates and policies for the whole of the UK. Give us a call today to discuss your needs or to get a quick quote.

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