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Electrician Insurance

Apricot specialises in electrical insurance cover.

Working as an electrician, you are professional and risk-conscious, but it cannot be denied, it’s a trade full of potential hazards. You’re dealing with high voltages, risk of fires and are responsible for customer’s safety during and after the work is complete, any mishap has the potential to have significant consequences for you and/or your customers.

Electrical contractor insurance is designed to protect against these risks, and allow you to conduct your business with peace of mind.

Electricians insurance can cover against a variety of different risks, depending on which types of cover you include in your policy. For example, electricians public liability insurance is key, as this protects you against the disaster of having to pay out excessive compensation claims or legal costs if you or your work accidentally hurts someone or damages their property. You can get your stock covered against loss or damage by adding stock cover to your electrician liability insurance. You can protect your tools with tools insurance. You can protect yourself with product liability cover in case someone makes a claim against you due to unsafe or ineffective materials or stock used. And you can select personal accident cover to pay compensation in the event you get injured.

Electricians public liability

You mustn’t overlook public liability insurance when taking out electrical business insurance. Just as with a builder or another tradesman, despite careful risk assessments and safe working practices, it cannot be guaranteed that a serious accident won’t happen as an electrician. Public liability insurance for electricians covers you in the event that a client or a member of the public gets hurt as a result of your work, and will pay the legal expenses and compensation costs related to this.

Therefore, if you think about it, electrician public liability insurance could save your business, or at the very least prevent a major upset to its running. Compensation claims can run to extreme levels, and it’s unlikely you want to carry this risk yourself.
Aside from accidents and injuries, public liability insurance for electrical contractors also protects against damage to property. So if you accidentally damage your client’s property or if a member of the public gets their property damaged, electrical insurance cover incorporating electrical contractor liability insurance could save the day.

Aside from electrical contractor liability insurance, there are several other types of cover that you may want to consider. (Apricot provides flexible cover, so can tailor your policy to meet your biggest needs.)

What other cover can electrical contractors insurance provide?

Tool cover: What would happen in your business if your tools got stolen or damaged? Would this inhibit work and maybe bring it to a standstill? It’s no small expense to replace expensive trade tools. Why not have peace of mind by taking out tool cover with your electrical contractors insurance?

Product liability cover: How would your business fare if the materials or products that you supplied somehow caused injury or damage to property if they’re faulty? Again, compensation claims can be incredibly costly and pose a major interruption to your business – get this taken care of with product liability cover as part of your electricians insurance. Then you know that legal fees and any compensation claims are underwritten as part of your policy.

Personal accident cover: Work as an electrician, with live electricity and other hazards, can (unfortunately) produce accidents. While we take proper precautions and undertake risk assessments to avoid this being the case, what if it does happen and it’s you that gets injured? Medical fees could be costly, and perhaps you could be unable to work for some period of time. Personal accident cover as part of your electrician insurance will cover you for death, injury and accident. It can also pay compensation against loss of income and protect against medical costs.

Indemnity insurance for electrical work: This is to cover you if you are found to be at fault, or have made a misjudgement in your work. Professional indemnity insurance for electricians is beneficial because it provides compensation for loss or damage in the event that you’re held responsible. Electrical indemnity insurance is an available option with Apricot’s policies.

Finding the right policy

So, as you can see, there are lots of factors to consider when taking electrical contractors insurance. Don’t worry, Apricot can take the uncertainty and hassle out of finding the right cover.

Electrician insurance is an area we specialise in, along with other insurances such as buy to let insurance and shop insurance.

We work with lots of the leading insurers so will have a range of quotes to compare before you pick the right cover for your needs. This means you’re likely to get a great price! Our advisors have years of experience, so they can help make it an easy and rewarding experience for you.

* 10% of our tradesman insurance customers in 2020, across all trades, had a premium of £100 or less per annum.

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