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Builder Insurance

What builders risk insurance is needed to undertake your trade? Owner builder insurance can come with a variety of different covers. First you’ll probably want public liability insurance, but home builder insurance can incorporate much more. For example tool cover, product liability cover and tools cover. Think about the particular risks in your business and what types of protection you will need. Apricot provides builder insurance UK, and can tailor cover to meet your requirements at a good price.

Because of the specialist nature of this type of tradesman cover, it can sometimes be hard to get a competitive price. The price can vary immensely depending on things like your location, how long you’ve been trading, your turnover and the level of cover that you need.

Thankfully Apricot specialise in all types of tradesman insurance, including owner builder public liability insurance (as well as insurance for electricians and much more), and we compare prices to find you our best deal.

Builders Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a must for builders, due to the many serious risks arising from construction work. Apricot can provide public liability insurance for builders, and we compare a wide range of leading insurers to find you a competitive price.

Every builder knows, despite every effort being made to work safely, it’s the nature of the trade that accidents can happen. If a member of the public or your client, for example, got injured, you could be liable for very high compensation and legal costs. With builder public liability insurance, you are financially protected should this happen, saving your livelihood from potential ruin. Similarly, it covers you if you accidentally damage someone’s property, for example if something falls when working at height and breaks someone’s property.

Builders Public Liability Insurance For Self Employed

You’ll be pleased to know we can cover you whether you’re a self employed builder or whether you have a limited company.

Other Covers You Can Get With Builder Insurance

In addition to your builders liability insurance, various other covers can be added or included to protect your business.

Tool cover: Your tools are an essential asset and are critical to the continuation of your work. What if they were damaged or stolen? How quickly could you get back to work, and how much upheaval would be caused? And think about how expensive it could be to replace all your tools. Add tool cover to your owner builder liability insurance policy and get peace of mind.

Product liability cover: This is different from liability insurance for builders. Product liability insurance protects you if your stock or materials cause damage or hurt someone. You would get legal fees and any compensation paid for if you unknowingly installed some faulty materials and this led to someone getting hurt or their property damaged.

Personal accident cover: Building work is a hazardous occupation, and it makes sense to have protection against accidents happening to you personally. If you end up getting injured, for example in a fall while working, or if an injury prevents you from working, the insurance will pay out. A cash sum would be paid out in the event of death or injury from an accident. You can also receive compensation against income that you lose or medical costs you may be forced to pay.

And more: With Apricot, we can help tailor a builder business insurance quote to suit your particular needs and circumstances, and there are various other types of cover that can be incorporated.

Apricot Insurance has many years of experience helping customers with builder insurance as well as other tradesman insurance and other products from coach insurance to landlord insurance. We will search multiple leading insurers so that we can find the right cover at the right price.

* 10% of our tradesman insurance customers in 2020, across all trades, had a premium of £100 or less per annum.

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