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Insurance For Tradesmen – Tradesman Liability Insurance And Much More

As a tradesman, you’re careful about the risks of the job – risks to yourself, your equipment and materials, your clients or other people close by when you work. But what if someone had an accident? Having suitable tradesmen insurance can provide protection and peace of mind in case something happens.

We work with a wide range of leading insurers, so can provide you with quality cover at a great price.

Whether you’re an electrician, a handyman, a plumber, a builder, a painter or a different trade, the last thing you need is an expensive claim against you, or an unexpected loss that interrupts trade or financially harms your business. Consider having appropriate insurance for tradesmen to cover you for accident, loss or mishap.

Tradesman insurance is suitable for many types of trade:
– Builder insurance
– Electrician insurance
– Mechanic insurance
– Handyman insurance
– Carpenter insurance
– Roofers insurance
– Plumber insurance
– Carpet cleaning insurance
– Gardening insurance
– Painters insurance
– Cleaners insurance
– And many more.

With tradesman insurance you could protect:
– Your tools
– Your goods in transit
– Yourself against personal accidents
– Optional stock cover, to protect materials like piping, switches, cabling or sockets. Or the relevant materials for your trade.
– You can also cover your subcontractors, if you use them.
– Cover for work in the EU

At Apricot, we can provide a bundled policy with these different types of cover included, so that when you get tradesmen quotes with us, you have tailored insurance specifically for your needs.

Public Liability Insurance for Trades

If you insure yourself with trades insurance, you’ll get public liability protection. This covers against compensation and legal costs if your client, supplier, passerby or another member of the public gets injured or gets their property damaged.

Accidents can happen, and you don’t want to leave yourself open to a lawsuit that could be unaffordable. For example, perhaps you’re a landscaper and a branch falls while you’re working and injures a pedestrian. Or, say, you’re a plumber and something goes wrong and your client premises gets flooded. In cases like these you could be held legally accountable and be subject to very expensive claims.

With public liability cover, as part of your trades insurance policy, you are financially protected should something like this happen. We will cover the legal and compensation fees you are obligated to pay.
Often, clients may even demand to see proof of your tradesman public liability insurance before hiring a tradesperson or company. Furthermore, knowing that you have this cover can be reassuring for the client.

In short, tradesman liability insurance is a must for most people working in the trades. Public liability insurance for a self-employed tradesman is the most critical component, but our policies cover more.

Product Liability Insurance for Tradesmen

When you insure with Apricot, you also receive product liability insurance. This is also known as stock insurance cover. This covers you for accidents caused by the products you supply or install.

For example, if you’re an electrician and your stock and materials get stolen or damaged (for example in a fire or flood, or by accidental damage), we’ll take care of the cost of replacing them.

Tool Cover for Trades

Yes, you get tradesman tool insurance as part of our insurance for tradesmen. We understand that your tools are essential for your work and can be very costly to replace. Don’t get caught out. With our tool cover, we’ll help you replace your vital tools quickly so that you can avoid the expense and the delays to your work.

If your tools are damaged or stolen, make a claim and we will reimburse the cost to replace them.

It could be hazardous to your business if you don’t have the necessary tools due to a theft or incident, and you need to replace them quickly. What if a job is due and you are left without tools? Or the expense is far beyond your available budget? Tool cover gives you peace of mind and helps you keep your business moving when the unexpected happens.

Personal Accident Cover for Trades

Many trades carry high levels of risk of injury, for example if you’re working on a building site. Or, let’s say you’re a carpenter and have an incident with a power-saw.
Many tradespeople would struggle with the financial implications if hurt and unable to work.

This is, once again, where your insurance for tradesmen comes in. Whether it’s builders insurance in the UK, electricians insurance, mechanic insurance, handyman insurance, carpenter insurance, or another trade, we’ll keep you covered with accident insurance.

The personal accident element of our tradesman policies means that if you’re injured by an accident and cannot work, you’ll receive payment. A cash sum can be paid out following a death or injury arising from an accident. You can also get compensation for loss of income, and medical costs that may arise with an insured accident.

EU Cover

If you’re working in the EU, we can cover you.

Here are just a few of the types of trade that we can protect with our tradesman liability insurance with all of the other features outlined above.

Builder Insurance UK

Builders public liability insurance is a must, because of the significant risks that come with working as a builder. When you get tradesmen quotes for construction, you will also be offered the other types of cover, outlined above, that come with our insurance for builders. We specialise in trades insurance, so we compare a wide range of insurers to find you the best deal. Check out our building contractors insurance to cover you and your business.

Electrician Insurance

Electrical contractors insurance is available for electricians, and contains public liability insurance for electricians, the most vital type of cover. When you handle electric infrastructure with high voltages, the possibility of mishaps is obvious. Get your tradesman liability insurance, along with tradesman tool insurance, product liability insurance and personal accident cover.

Carpenter insurance

Using power-saws and other dangerous equipment, a responsible carpenter always has suitable electrician public liability insurance. As mentioned, there is more to our policies than just public liability insurance for electricians, as we’ll protect your tools and stock, and cover you for personal accidents.

Mechanic Insurance

Like other types of trade, being a mechanic, you handle risks every day, and use skill and care to avoid accidents. Safety is paramount, but you can never guarantee that an accident won’t happen. Mechanics, like most tradespeople, need to be protected with appropriate insurance. Incorporating mechanic tool insurance and personal accident insurance you can have the assurance that you have appropriate cover.

Handyman Insurance

Looking for personal accident insurance for self employed, or handyman public liability insurance? You don’t need to choose. Self employed liability insurance UK from Apricot also offers tools insurance and personal accident cover. As a handyman, you will be working on other people’s property and could be held liable for injury or damage. Furthermore if your tools are stolen or you get hurt in an accident, Apricot’s contractors insurance covers these risks.

Roofers Insurance

Roofing is another trade where safety is a constant concern. Without the greatest care, things or people can slip or fall! As a responsible roofing provider, you will of course take the appropriate precautions, but this doesn’t mean that accidents cannot happen. If you were sued by a third party for accident or injury, the claim could be extremely unaffordable. Not only this, but you’ll be expected to maintain appropriate insurance for this type of work. This is where Apricot can help as we have years and years of experience in protecting roofers and other tradesmen. Get your roofing contractors insurance and cover public liability, personal accident and tool cover, among other benefits.

Plumbers Insurance

Like with other trades, plumbers public liability insurance is designed to protect plumbers from the event that they may be held liable for an accident or mishap affecting a third party. Like electrician insurance, for example, plumber’s insurance covers fairly high-risk work. Imagine a major flood happens when you’re working. Extensive damage might be caused, even if nobody is hurt. The cost of claims could be high, so once again public liability insurance for plumbers is appropriate to protect against such mishaps or claims. Not only that, you probably have some quite expensive tools that could do with being insured with our tradesman insurance, and you can cover yourself for personal accidents while you’re at it.

These are not the only trades we cover, whether you’re looking for painter and decorator insurance, insurance for cleaners, self employed gardener insurance, or carpet cleaning insurance, we are ready and willing to help.

You probably don’t have lots of time to spend on finding the right insurance. Give Apricot a call. Our friendly UK team will help match you with suitable cover for your needs.

* 10% of our tradesman insurance customers in 2020, across all trades, had a premium of £100 or less per annum.

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