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We offer quality bus and coach insurance at very competitive prices. While it can sometimes be a challenge to find appropriate cover at a reasonable price, choosing a specialist coach insurance brokers like Apricot means they can search the market for you to find a competitive quote with great cover.

Working with a wide range of leading insurers, we can help you find a policy and price that suits your needs.

Whether you’re an owner-driver or a large-scale operator with a big fleet, it’s vital that you have appropriate insurance.

Note: if you have a smaller vehicle (17 seats or less) you may need minibus insurance instead.

Bus or Coach Insurance Quotes

We provide insurance for both buses and coaches. Aside from the design of the vehicle itself, the difference between the two tends to be that coaches are used for longer-distance journeys. Consequently, the coach typically has under-floor capacity for storing luggage, and would tend to be designed for comfort rather than packing in as many passengers as possible. The coach tends not to facilitate standing customers. As a further difference, coaches may contain provisions such as on-board toilets and/or entertainment.

Buses or coaches may be used for ferrying fare-paying passengers from place to place, or may be used for special events or, for example, to take pupils to and from school, or on a school trip. Perhaps you regularly carry passengers on tourist trips, or perhaps you undertake a wide variety of private charter trips, or perhaps you provide airport transfers. Whether your coach business provides private hire, public hire, contract coach services, overseas travel or tourist trips, you’ll need insurance.

Whether you’re looking for a coach fleet insurance quote or a single coach insurance quote, we can help make sure you get the right coach insurance UK cover.

What determines the price of motor coach insurance?

Lots of factors affect how much you may need to pay for a suitable bus coach insurance policy. The value of your vehicle is one such consideration. Other factors include where your coaches are being driven, the age and experience of your driver(s), and the type of usage of the vehicle. The number of seats has a bearing too (because it indicates the number of passengers you may intend to carry all at once). All these things can affect the price of coach bus insurance.

Types of bus and coach insurance cover

If you’re a bus or coach operator, there are a number of risks for which the right insurance can provide protection. These include risks to the vehicle itself, liability risks where you might be compelled to pay compensation, and much more.

Obviously, as with your car, insurance a legal requirement for any coach being driven on UK roads.

Like when you insure your car, your coach insurance will include third party cover, so that if you damage someone else’s property or cause someone an injury, the policy will cover the costs of damage or compensation for injury.

Again like private car cover, you may opt to have fire and theft cover built in, which covers fire damage to your vehicle as well as criminal acts such as theft, arson or major vandalism.

With coach insurance, too, you can choose to have a comprehensive policy which covers you and your coach even if an accident may be your fault.

Another type of cover that’s needed for many coach operators is public liability insurance. This can often be bundled with the other coach insurance covers that you need. When you’re carrying passengers you have a duty of care. This insurance protects your business against claims from a third party (e.g. a passenger) who has been injured or had their property damaged. Medical costs of drivers or passengers may be covered if an accident occurs, so that the cost of treating injuries is covered by the policy.

Accidental damage cover can be added, which does exactly what it sounds like – pays out in the event that someone accidentally damages your coach. Similarly, property damage cover can be included so that, if property is damaged in an accident, its costs can be covered.

If you employ someone as part of your business, you’re legally required to have employer’s liability cover. This can, in fact, be part of a bundled coach insurance policy, so you’ve got your covers in the same place. You may (hopefully do) have great safety procedures and precautions, but accidents can still happen. Employee liability cover protects you against claims made by workers. If an employee has a work-related injury or illness and makes a claim against you, the policy will protect you against the cost of compensation as well as medical and legal bills arising from the event.

Apricot is a modern insurance broker that focuses on specialist covers such as holiday home insurance as well as bus insurance and other commercial insurances.

As a coach insurance broker, Apricot offer lots more options for types of cover that can be built into your coach insurance policy. For example, windscreen cover or goods in transit cover. We also offer coverage for coaches used overseas, so if you provide travel within the EU, for example, we can make sure you’re insured.

We have great deals for bus and coach insurance, as we work with lots of leading insurers. Give us a call today for a quote, and we’ll help you find the ideal cover at the ideal price.

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