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Commercial andlord insurance

Whether you own a commercial property, or a portfolio of business properties, or whether you need a mixture of commercial and residential landlords insurance, you’re in the right place. Apricot specialise in commercial property landlord insurance.

(We also provide residential buy to let insurance too.)

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Commercial Landlord Insurance Quotes

Commercial landlord insurance quotes online generally include a mix of covers which can be included to protect your property, business and livelihood.

Commercial buildings insurance for landlords is one element that’s included in a commercial landlord policy, and is essential for most landlords. It covers you if disastrous events such as a fire, earthquake or flood occur, that might have an extraordinary price tag to fix. Think what it could do to your business and rental income if your building got damaged or destroyed – it pays to be protected. Commercial property landlord building insurance can come to the rescue.

Policies will typically include contents cover as well. Note that this covers the items you provided or installed as landlord, not the property of your tenants.

What Other Covers Can Be Included?

Apricot offer a range of covers that can be incorporated in your policy. We will tailor your policy to ensure your landlord insurance commercial lease contains the protection that’s important for you.

Commercial rental property insurance can include public liability cover. What if a tenant or another member of the public gets injured and you are deemed responsible? Although you are risk-conscious and diligent, events can still occur that could be catastrophic if you’re not insured. Public liability insurance for commercial landlords pays out to cover the cost of claims against you, and the legal fees necessary, in these circumstances.

Accidental damage cover can be added to many policies, meaning, for example, that if your tenants accidentally cause damage to your property, you can claim for the costs of repair or replacement.

There’s often also an option of loss of rent cover. This cover comes to life if your property becomes uninhabitable due to an insured loss or event. While repairs are taking place and your tenants cannot use the property, this covers the loss of rent you would incur.

It’s slightly different from rent guarantee cover (which is where the insurer pays out in the event your tenants cannot or will not pay their rent).

Commercial Landlord Insurance Comparison

It’s not easy to say how much your commercial landlord insurance quotes will be without… getting a quote! Unfortunately there are just too many variables to estimate otherwise. Obviously a landlord with a large portfolio of properties is going to pay a great deal more than in the case of a single property.

With insurance, location also makes a difference. Insurers calculate that the chances of claims differ substantially between different places. So in one sense it’s a bit of a “postcode lottery”. Your age is another factor that affects price – if you’re a bit older you’re likely to pay slightly less. The types of business, or business premises that you let are going to also have an impact on price. The best thing is to get a quote and see.

But there are many insurers who provide commercial landlord insurance, each with different pricing and different circumstances in which they quote competitively. So it’s best to compare commercial landlord insurance. At Apricot, we work with a wide range of specialist UK insurers, so we will compare quotes for you to find you a great price.

Of course, price isn’t the only factor. Do consider the levels and types of cover you need, and the excess amounts that you’re comfortable with. Apricot’s advisers can help with this for your peace of mind, if you would wish to speak to someone on the phone.

If you have residential properties you’re looking to insure as well, we can help with both, and sometimes even a combined policy would suit. If it’s only residential landlord home insurance that you need, we specialise in that too.

Find Commercial Rental Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a must-have for most commercial landlords, just as rental home insurance is essential for residential landlords too. You can fill in a quick form online to get your quotes, or you can speak to our friendly local team for additional help. Apricot’s advisers have many years of experience, so are well placed to assist with your insurance needs. Get a quote or give us a call today.