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Whether you own a single rental home or a portfolio of multiple properties, Apricot can help you with specialist cheap house insurance for landlords.

Landlord home insurance quote

Typically, a landlord house insurance UK quote will cover both the building and the contents, along with some additional types of protection. The buildings cover relates to damage to the building caused by unfortunate events such as fire or flooding, that might otherwise cause immense damage to your business and rental income. Contents insurance protects all the items you’ve provided in the property, including appliances such as washing machines, carpets and furniture. Note, though, that it doesn’t cover your tenants’ property.

Yes, it’s possible to get cheap landlord home insurance that also offers good levels of cover. Read on to find out more about the types of cover that can be included, and ways to find a low price.

Just a quick note that if you’re letting the property out to multiple tenants from different households you may need HMO insurance (insurance for houses of multiple occupancy). We provide HMO insurance here.

Can I use standard home insurance instead of landlord house insurance?

Home and landlord insurance are different. Standard home insurance doesn’t provide the right cover for many landlords, and in many cases the insurer may not accept a claim on a standard home insurance policy if you’ve had tenants living there. If you have a buy to let mortgage, very likely the mortgage lender may require that you have landlord insurance in place. So although specific landlord cover isn’t a legal requirement as such, these are reasons that it may nonetheless be essential.

Cheap house insurance for landlords – what else can be covered?

In addition to the basics, Apricot can provide specialised cover tailored for your needs, while maintaining a great price. There are a number of other types of cover that can be included.

Let house insurance (otherwise known as buy to let insurance or simply landlord insurance) can also provide cover for liability in case your tenants make a claim against you for injury on the property. Some policies offer alternative accommodation cover, where it pays out if your tenants need to move out due to property damage.

Another option that comes with some house and landlord insurance policies is accidental damage cover, which protects you against damage such as spills, breakages, etc, caused by your tenants. Malicious damage cover is another option, which covers damage done deliberately to your property by your tenants.

You can even get rent guarantee cover which protects you from loss of income if a tenant cannot or will not pay. Slightly different from this is rental income protection which protects you from loss of income if your house is badly damaged and you’re unable to rent it out.

How can I get the best deal?

When looking for landlord home insurance UK, it’s important to weigh up the benefits of cost saving against the quality of cover you need. Ideally you want cheap house insurance for landlords, but which does not compromise on cover. This is why it’s beneficial to compare lots of different insurers to find the landlord household insurance that gives you the right value. Thankfully, you don’t have to shop around in lots of places to do this. We’re based in Belfast but specialise in both landlord insurance for the Great Britain and for Northern Ireland. Apricot has strong relationships with a wide range of leading UK insurers, so can not only consult with you about your needs to find you the right cover, but also compare quotes for you so that you can be confident you’re getting our best deal.

Call us or make an enquiry today to get competitive landlord house insurance quotes.

* 18% of our landlord insurance customers in 2020 had a premium of £100 or less per annum.

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