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HMO insurance

Apricot are specialists in landlord insurance, and provide cover for houses in multiple occupation (HMO properties).

HMO stands for houses in multiple occupation. This might be, for example, student houses, bedsits or any property that’s rented by people who are from different ‘households’ sharing the same kitchens, bathrooms or other facilities.

For insurance, there is an increased risk of claims associated with HMOs so a specialist HMO landlord insurance policy is needed rather than a general landlord insurance policy. Therefore you need to look for a HMO insurance quote specifically – you’re in the right place!

There are a number of types of cover available, and we’ll outline a few of them on this page. Apricot can tailor a policy to suit your needs.

(Note that Apricot cover the spectrum for landlords. Aside from HMO insurance we also provide cheap landlord insurance and even cover for AirBnB properties.)

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Multiple occupancy building insurance

What if your property fell victim to a flood, fire or storm and got damaged? These events affecting the structure of the property, as well as others (including subsidence, burst pipes, vandalism etc), are covered by HMO buildings insurance, and will pay out in such circumstances so that you have financial peace of mind, and know your investment is protected from this type of disaster.

Landlord insurance for HMO properties – what else can be covered?

While a very basic policy might cover the building and not much else, you can still get cheap HMO insurance that covers a lot more. It’s important to choose the best HMO insurance for your particular needs.

Contents insurance protects the contents you provide as landlord. It obviously doesn’t cover your tenants possessions. But this cover compensates you if carpets, appliances and furniture. Often these can be significantly expensive to replace, so it’s good to know you’ve got it covered by your HMO insurance plans.

Liability insurance coverage can protect you against claims made by your tenants or another third party. If someone hurt themselves badly because of your property (can happen to any landlord, despite a careful, safety-conscious approach), compensation and legal fees can be sky high, and could damage your livelihood. It also pays out if someone has their property damaged and you’re held accountable.

Accidental damage cover, as part of your HMO home insurance, covers you for damage done accidentally by your tenants. For example, a bad spill ruins an expensive carpet. Would it be good to have peace of mind that you’ll be compensated in such an event?

Malicious damage cover is similar, but covering deliberate damage rather than accidental. Is there a possibility your tenants may vandalise or purposely damage your property? This optional cover may help.

Rent guarantee cover is another popular option for landlords. There’s a bit more to it, but basically it covers you if your tenants cannot or will not pay their rent.

Loss of rent insurance is a little similar, but instead of paying out when your tenants stop paying, this gives cover for situations where the tenants cannot stay at the property due to its damage etc. If you have this type of cover, and you’re making a claim for damage that makes the house unliveable, then this would pay out to compensate you for the loss of rent.

How can you get a great price on your HMO property insurance?

HMO insurance is a specialist policy, and customers have very different needs and risk profiles, so therefore the insurers will quote widely differing prices depending on your circumstances. Unfortunately, without getting a quote (which is easy with Apricot!), it’s impossible to give a realistic estimate of what it might cost.

Nonetheless, we can say that it is likely to cost more if:
– You have multiple properties to insure
– Your property is in an area that insurers calculate has a higher chance of claims
– You want a comprehensive rather than basic policy
– You’re a younger individual (sorry!)

Compare HMO insurance

There are many further factors that affect price.

So, it’s important to get quotes from multiple insurers if you want to find a competitive quote and a solid deal. We can help with this. When you get a quote with us we will do a HMO insurance comparison on your behalf, because we work with a wide range of leading insurers. Therefore you’ll be able to pick the best policy for your particular needs, from the insurer that offers it at the best price.

Give us a call or request a quote online, and see how much you could save.