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Contents insurance quotes

Home insurance can come in three different “flavours”. Building insurance for the structure of your house/flat, contents insurance for your possessions within the property, or the two combined.

Contents only insurance is popular with renters, as it’s the landlord’s obligation to provide the building insurance.

Apricot are dedicated to providing quality insurance cover at very competitive prices. Please get a quote today – you can get a quote (and even buy) completely online. However, if you need any personalised help, please contact us. We have an excellent team with over 35+ years combined experience in home insurance, so feel free to give us a call!

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Contents insurance

Our homes are filled with treasures, some hold great sentimental value and others financial. Contents insurance is designed to protect all the things we love should they be damaged, lost or stolen. Contents insurance can be bought as a stand-alone policy or alongside buildings insurance as a package. Here at Apricot Insurance, we can get you the best quote at the cheapest price.

What’s covered by contents insurance?

Contents insurance protects the things you love when you are at or away from home. Basically, anything you own that isn’t structural; laptops, jewellery, bikes, clothes and phones are classified as the contents of your home.

Sum insured or bedroom-rated properties? 

Contents insurance generally falls into two categories, sum insured or bedroom rated. Bedroom rated premiums are based around the number of rooms in the house and can be slightly more expensive. They could offer you more benefits though. Some insurance policies are based on your estimations of the value of your possessions.

When looking at contents insurance quotes, you will need to compare both types of premiums, ascertaining the excess you will have to pay, the manner in which your no claims will accrue and any additional conditions attached to the policy.

Do I need contents insurance if I rent?

Even if you rent, you will still own ‘stuff’ that you might want covered should it be damaged, lost or stolen. You will also want to check that you are not responsible for insuring any of the items in your rental property that belong to your landlord. We can find cheap contents quotes for renters and homeowners alike.

How much should I insure my contents for? 

Believe it or not, according to the Association of British Insurers, the average household contains about £35,000 worth of possessions. Home contents insurance doesn’t cost a king’s ransom, at around about £2.71 a week, but being without it could be catastrophic.

When you’re looking for a quote, be mindful of those small but high-value items. Go through each room of your home clocking up the high-price pieces. Be precise, your belongings may add up to more than you think. Here at Apricot, we will guide you through the process and get you that perfect quote.

How do I calculate the cost of my clothes?

Calculating how much it would cost to replace the entire contents of your wardrobe might seem like an impossibility. We can give you a tip to help make the job less stressful. Work out the average price you would pay for a certain item of clothing and then multiply it for all the similar pieces. Repeat until you have a total price.

What questions do I need to ask when purchasing home contents cover?

Asking the right questions is key to finding the right policy and the cheapest policy for you.

When looking for contents quotes, ask about the excess you will be required to pay should you need to make a claim, a higher excess can bring down the cost of your monthly premium but will incur a greater fee at the time of a claim. Ask about any exclusions to the policy and be sure about what it does cover. Enquire about the no-claims bonus and how it increases annually when you don’t make a claim. If you come to us at Apricot, we can help take the stress out of insurance. Find us online and let us give you peace of mind with the premium to suit your budget and your possessions. Protect all the things you hold dear and let Apricot find you a budget premium with the best protection.