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Shop insurance NI

If you own a shop in Northern Ireland, you may want to consider shop insurance. Shop insurance covers your premises should the worst happen. If your shop is damaged, you can claim back the costs using this type of policy.

What is shop insurance in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland shop owners’ insurance helps you to recover losses should your business have to close temporarily, or damages occur. It is also used to insure stock to give you further protection.

What does NI shop insurance cover?

There are three facets to shop insurance. You will want to protect your building and its contents with commercial building contents insurance. Next, you will want to protect yourself from liability, so you will need public liability insurance. Finally, business interruption insurance should protect your store if you are unable to work.

What’s in a shop insurance plan?

A shop insurance plan uses different parts of insurance policies to protect you for different things. You could have shop insurance in Northern Ireland that contained public liability and business interruption insurance. You might have a plan that includes shop insurance for premises, or a policy that contains theft insurance.

Is it the same in the UK?

The rules for shop insurance are the same in the rest of the UK as the rules for shop insurance in Northern Ireland. The different facets do not vary. You will still need to mix shop (premises) insurance with public liability and employer’s liability. You will need stock insurance to protect your assets, too. If you have a commercial vehicle like a car or van, these will need a separate insurance policy.

Is shop insurance NI a legal requirement?

It is not a legal requirement to insure your shop. The only business insurance which the government deems as essential is employer’s liability insurance. If you own a shop in the UK or Northern Ireland and it employs people, you will need employer’s liability insurance. Although public liability and business interruption insurance are not essential by law, we still recommend you get them.

What other types of insurance should you have as a shop owner?

You may wish to take out theft insurance in case you are burgled. You ought to consider product liability insurance in case one of your goods hurts a customer. You may want to insure your stock with specific stock insurance. In addition, business insurance protects your business in the event of unforeseen troubles, for example, in the event of a global pandemic.

You should also be aware that, just as your home would need to be insured if it’s empty for a long period of time, your shop is no different.  If it were to sit unoccupied for a certain length of time, which would be decided by your insurance provider, it should have unoccupied commercial property insurance NI.   

How much does it cost for shop insurance NI?

The easiest way to find out how much it costs for shop insurance in Northern Ireland, is to search for quotes online. Our quote comparison service here at Apricot Insurance is fuss free and reliable. You could have a quote on shop insurance for your business in short effect.

Where can I get shop insurance quotes?

You can find fast and free shop insurance quotes for your Northern Ireland store, right here. Apricot Insurance will search its insurer panel, just for you.