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Private van insurance N.I.

Personal van insurance, or private van insurance, is for van owners that use their vehicle just for personal use – social, domestic and pleasure in insurance terms. (If you’re looking for commercial van insurance NI we offer that too.) Apricot Insurance is here to help. We specialise in private van insurance for NI customers, with strong relationships with leading insurers so that we can compare deals for the right insurance at a great price.

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Private van insurance NI

If you own a van, you will need specific van insurance even if your use is of a personal nature rather than business. A car insurance policy will not cover you for theft, fire, accidental damage, a cracked windscreen, or damage to other road users. Additionally, you’ll be driving illegally which could lead to prosecution and a hefty fine.

Private van insurance (NI or GB) covers you for social, domestic, pleasure, holidays, hobbies, and shopping purposes. That sort of thing.

The policy should also cover you for commuting to work; but if it’s used to transport anything to do with work, for instance tools, most insurers’ private van policies will not cover you.

It may be possible to change your personal cover to include some work activities which will cost you less in monthly premiums than a fully fledged commercial policy. But this would have to be thrashed out with your insurer.

Will your car insurance cover you to borrow someone’s van?

If your car insurance policy has a ”driving other vehicles” clause within its terms and conditions, you can probably drive a borrowed van, say to move house, and still be covered, but always check before hitting the road (Drivers under 25 will most probably not be eligible under this clause).

Like car insurance, there are three main categories of cover for private van insurance that need to be considered. These are:

  • Third party: This is the minimum you need to drive legally. It covers the cost of damage you cause to another person and/or their vehicle. But it won’t pay out for repairs to your own vehicle.
  • Third party, fire and theft: In addition to third party cover, this type of insurance could pay out if your van is damaged, destroyed by fire, or if it’s stolen.
  • Fully comprehensive: This covers everything in a third party, fire and theft policy, plus any damage that’s done to your van (regardless of whether or not it was your fault). Even though it gives you the most cover, this type of insurance isn’t always the most expensive, so it’s worth comparing all your options.

How can you lower the cost?

There are a number of ways to lower the premium.

  • Black box insurance is a popular option. This device records how efficiently you drive and can reward you with a healthy chunk off your premium
  • Hold a clean endorsement-free licence if possible
  • Lower your mileage if you can
  • Resist, if possible, modifying your van, cosmetically or otherwise.
  • Increase your voluntary excess. This will reduce the expense, but make sure you can afford this excess in the event of an accident.
  • Insurers will also provide more favourable quotes if you are able to keep your van securely in a garage at night
  • Dashcams are also worth noting and are easy to install.

Effects of Brexit on NI private van drivers.

If you hold an NI/UK driving licence, you will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive over to the Republic of Ireland. NI drivers also do no longer need to carry a Green Card when travelling across the border, for proof of valid insurance.

At Apricot Insurance we work with the UK’s top insurance companies to find you the best quotes on your van insurance for private and personal use.


* 22.5% of NI customers paid £40 per month or less for van insurance from July 2020 to June 2021.