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Car Insurance For Bus Drivers

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Car insurance for bus drivers

It is illegal in the UK, to drive a motor vehicle without any insurance cover, but trying to discover the best insurance for you, your vehicle, and your circumstances can be a complex affair. Here at Apricot, we are able to highlight a range of driving insurance policies that relate to specific occupations. In this instance, we will look at car insurance for bus drivers.

What is bus drivers’ car insurance?

We are all too aware of the number of vehicles on our roads these days. Cars, motorbikes, busses, tricks can all be found on our roads. If you drive a bus for a living, which includes any vehicle with more than nine passenger seats, you will be able to get special insurance policies for bus drivers when it comes to insuring your own private car.

Why do I need bus drivers’ car insurance?

Insurance premiums are calculated on a variety of national statistics. Your age, length of time you have been driving, your driving record and your occupation will all feature in this calculation. As an individual, alongside HGV drivers, who drive day in and day out as your profession, insurers will factor this as a really positive bit of data that can work in your favour when seeking the best price for your car insurance.

How will being a bus driver affect my car insurance?

Insurance companies are all about assessing risk. A high wire act is more likely to suffer personal injury than a shop assistant, and similarly, someone who drives for a living, and has a clean and long driving licence, will always be seen as less of a liability driving their own car than the average guy in the street. Practice makes perfect is the cliché that oversees this belief.

It is also recognised that bus drivers have to demonstrate a calm demeanour in their workplace when continually interacting with the public. This will work in their favour just as much as when insurers are considering the car insurance policies for more obvious caring professions like teachers or doctors.

How much is car insurance for bus drivers?

The cost of car insurance for bus drivers will be dependent on multiple factors.

The age of the applicant, the length of time they have been driving, their no claims status, their address/location and any endorsements they might have acquired, will all make a difference to the cost of the policy. There may also be a clause that regulates the number of miles driven annually, which could reduce the premium. This feature could be particularly appropriate and attractive for someone who drives for a living and doesn’t want to spend their free time doing the same thing. Opting for a limited mileage can reduce the premium.

Many forget to consider their job when renewing or applying for car insurance.

It is always worthwhile taking into consideration how your profession or occupation can affect the cost of your car insurance policy.