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As a taxi driver or operator, you will be painfully aware that insuring your taxi is not always a convenient or cheap affair here in Northern Ireland. Thankfully, Apricot compare taxi insurance from multiple providers who cover NI, so you can get a quality policy at a great price. Complete a quick online form with your details and we’ll provide a quote in minutes. Look no further if you want taxi insurance Northern Ireland, give us a try today and save a lot with Apricot!

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Taxi Insurance NI

For taxis working in Northern Ireland, finding the right taxi insurance NI offers you peace of mind by protecting all aspects of your business. And speaking of peace of mind, we’ll take the stress out of choosing the right insurer with our range of cheap taxi insurance quotes. 

What’s the difference between car and taxi insurance NI?

Taxi insurance not only needs to protect your vehicle, it needs to protect you and your customers.

There are three levels of vehicle coverage – comprehensive, third party, and third party, fire and theft. Taxi insurance is similar to car insurance, but there are some key differences.

Taxi insurance takes into account factors such as:

* High mileage.

* Working with the public.

* Your increased risk of accidents and personal injury claims.

* You’re running a business.

If you don’t have enhanced cover, your business will be seen as uninsured and you could lose your taxi licence and face a large fine. 

Do I need to take out public liability insurance to cover my customers?

Yes, so look out for taxi insurance NI quotes which include public liability. Or make sure you can add public liability as an optional extra. 

Do I need private hire or public hire taxi insurance NI?

A private hire taxi is one which is booked in advance and cannot be hailed down on the street. A public hire taxi can be hailed down in the street and pick up members of the public. Some taxis are allowed to wait in taxi ranks for customers.

Your insurance must reflect how your taxi is hired, and you may find that public hire insurance quotes are more expensive. 

Why do taxi insurance Northern Ireland quotes cost more?

In general, taxi insurance costs more than car insurance and there are several reasons for this:

* You’re insuring a vehicle, and a business.

* You’re dealing with customers in your vehicle, increasing the risk of personal injury claims.

* You may spend more time in busy urban areas, and high mileage may increase your risk of an accident.

* Some taxis are large vehicles and are more expensive to insure. 

How can I bring down the cost of my taxi insurance NI?

Taxi insurance Northern Ireland will generally cost more than car insurance, but there are ways to reduce premium costs:

* Choose a vehicle that costs less to insure.

* Install a dashcam and CCTV.

* Increase vehicle security with an immobiliser.

* Keep records of your mileage.

* Drive carefully, avoiding driving convictions.

* Maintain your no-claims bonus. 

What sort of taxi insurance NI do I need if I own multiple taxis?

You might like to look into taxi fleet insurance if you run a number of taxis.

At Apricot Insurance, we work with the UK’s leading insurance companies to find you cheap taxi insurance NI. Get a cheap taxi insurance NI quote at Apricot today.