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Multi vehicle insurance UK

Are you looking for the potential savings or convenience that comes from insuring your multiple vehicles under one “umbrella”? You might be a business person with more than one car in your company (we cover anything from 2 vehicles upwards). Or maybe even you’re a family with several cars or vehicles, again looking to insure them together. Apricot can help with our fleet insurance quotes. We’re a specialist broker dedicated to finding you a great deal.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Multi Vehicle Insurance

Are you a family or small business with at least two cars, looking to save on insurance? Use our speedy, independent service to access a selection of multi vehicle insurance UK quotes to help you find the perfect fit. 

Is multi vehicle insurance only for business vehicles?

No, not at all. A multi vehicle insurance is actually geared toward families, though a small business might consider multi vehicle insurance along with mini fleet insurance. 

How does multi vehicle insurance differ from standard car insurance?

In terms of your cover, there’s no difference between this and standard car insurance. The same options will apply: you’ll select from comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party, and you’ll still be able to build your own individual no-claims bonus, even if there’s more than one driver on the policy.

As an added benefit: you may save money. 

Are there different types of multi vehicle insurance?

Yes. Most insurers will give you the option of a multi vehicle cover on one policy, or a linked multi vehicle cover.

The multi vehicle cover on one policy provides all your vehicles with the same level of cover and “add-ons”.

The linked multi vehicle cover provides more flexibility on a vehicle to vehicle basis, allowing you to choose your level of cover and “add-ons” for each individual vehicle on the policy. 

Would I be allowed to drive all of the vehicles included on my multi vehicle insurance?

No, not as standard. You will only be able to drive a vehicle for which you are a named driver, though you may want to have yourself named as a driver for each vehicle.

Other family members with cars on the policy will be in the same position. In other words, they won’t be able to drive anyone else’s car unless they are a named driver.

You could, however, opt for an “any driver” cover to allow everyone named on the policy to drive each vehicle. 

If I add more cars to my multi vehicle insurance UK, do I get a better deal?

Yes. Some insurers will offer you a discount on each new car you add.

This makes it an attractive insurance for families, as they can all save by joining on one policy. 

Will there be any additional cover on a multi vehicle insurance?

In addition to the basic vehicle cover, a multi vehicle insurance may offer as standard, or as an optional extra, cover such as:

* Breakdown

* Windscreen repair

* Courtesy car

* Dash cam, sat nav, and personal property cover

My family wants a multi vehicle insurance policy, but all our cars are due their insurance renewals at different times. How will this work?

Don’t worry – most insurance companies will allow each car to be added on to the new multi vehicle insurance as its current policy expires. All this means is you may need to opt for a linked multi vehicle cover.