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Mini fleet insurance UK

Mini fleet insurance typically covers between 2 and 15 vehicles. As with any fleet insurance, you get the convenience of having all your vehicles under one policy with the same renewal dates, etc. We offer mini fleet insurance regardless of the vehicle type – whether cars, vans, taxis, haulage, etc. Compare quotes and cover with Apricot. We’ll automatically offer you quotes from the insurers on our panel that are best value for you. You can complete a short form online to request quick quotes.

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Mini Fleet Insurance

Does your company use several vehicles? A mini fleet insurance UK policy could offer you the best cover and price for your business needs. Complete our quick, simple form and we’ll provide you quotes in minutes, helping you find the right insurance for your fleet.


How many vehicles are deemed as a “fleet” for mini fleet insurance cover?

Mini fleet insurance UK usually relates to smaller fleets, with a minimum of two vehicles. Motor fleet insurance is offered to larger fleets. Each insurance company will have its own cap on the maximum number of vehicles.


What is the benefit of a mini fleet insurance?

Saving money is the ultimate benefit. Though fleet insurance may be thought of as the domain of larger companies, small businesses can also save money opting for this type of insurance, if they have two or more vehicles.


What is covered by mini fleet insurance?

Just like standard vehicle insurance, mini fleet insurance UK will allow you to choose between third party, third party fire and theft, or comprehensive cover. An insurer will typically let you choose the level of individual cover for each vehicle in your fleet, too.

You may like to add extra cover, such as:

* Breakdown

* Windscreen repairs

* Legal assistance

* Courtesy cars / vans


How can I save money on my mini fleet insurance?

Avoid an “any driver” cover if you can, and keep the number of named drivers as low as possible, opting for those with good driving experience and a no-claims bonus.

Park your fleet safely and ensure each vehicle has the right security measures in place. Consider installing dash cams in each vehicle, too.


Does mini fleet insurance only cover one type of vehicle within a business?

No. Say, for example, you’re a building business with two transit vans, as well as a car used for business purposes – all three can be covered by a fleet policy.

As long as the vehicle is used within the business, it should be eligible to be covered by a mini fleet insurance UK policy.


I have numerous staff members who drive vehicles within my fleet. Do they each need to be named?

That’s up to you. Most mini fleet insurance policies allow for an “any driver” cover, but this will be your most expensive option. Named driver cover tends to bring that cost down.


Does the use of the vehicles within the fleet matter?

An insurance company will take into account the nature of your business and the use of the vehicle in relation to this when formulating your final price. So, within reason, the individual use of the vehicles shouldn’t prevent you from securing mini fleet insurance cover.


Can I add my employee’s own personal vehicles to my mini fleet insurance UK?

No. Usually the insurance company will stipulate that each vehicle on the mini fleet insurance UK policy must be owned by and registered to the business, its owners, or directors.