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Any driver van insurance N.I.

So, you need to insure a van for anyone to drive.

Whether it’s NI van insurance for business use, or for private purposes only, it’s easy to add multiple drivers to a single policy. It’s even possible to get insurance that allows drivers who are not registered on the policy to drive the van. Usually, there will be some limits as to the minimum age of drivers who will be insured.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Any driver van insurance NI

Any driver van insurance means that multiple people will be allowed to drive your vehicle. This type of insurance can be split into two areas: named drivers on your policy and unnamed drivers. Some insurance providers will not insist you name every driver of your vehicle, but this can be an expensive option. In Northern Ireland, this type of policy will also have restrictions – for instance, no drivers under the age of 25 or those with endorsements on their licence.

Any named driver insurance means the policy holder will need to list each individual driver and provide details of their ages, driving history, driving convictions, and past claims. This works out cheaper. Apricot can provide both types.

Can any driver insurance be used for both business and private use?

Yes, your any driver insurance NI can cover you for work use across several employees, or simply if you have a van for social and domestic uses that you want others to drive. It is particularly useful for businesses if you have fleet insurance (two or more vans) but temporary van insurance is another option if you need drivers for a short length of time.

How many drivers can I add to my any driver policy?

This all depends on your provider. Some restrict you to five named drivers and some have no limit, but watch out for any restrictions on the latter.

What will affect the cost of my any driver van insurance?

Aside from the van’s age and what you plan to use it for, your van insurance NI provider may also want to know what contents you’ll be transporting. Van size will also be taken into consideration, as the heavier more powerful the van, the more expensive it will be to insure.

Compare the cost of adding named drivers to a standard policy against an any driver policy. It may work out cheaper. You can also increase your voluntary excess to cut the cost of the premium and pay annually rather than monthly, but speak to a member of the Apricot Insurance team about the options available to you.

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* 22.5% of NI customers paid £40 per month or less for van insurance from July 2020 to June 2021.