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Trade plate insurance UK

Trade plates allow a business to drive vehicles between locations without tax or new registration. So your business has trade plates and you require suitable insurance? Trade plate insurance, or motor trade insurance, protects you against the risks of mishaps when moving such vehicles. It’s a vital necessity for these business activities. Most companies that offer standard car insurance do not cover motor trade, so you need a specialist company. Apricot can help. We can compare prices from our extensive panel to find you the right policy quickly and save you money too.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Trade plate insurance UK

Trade plates are a vital part of many motortrade businesses. You might need to drive a client’s vehicle or a vehicle in repair, and trade plates allow you to drive these vehicles without taxing and registering them. Trade plate insurance covers the vehicles you drive when using trade plates.

Do I need trade plate insurance?

For legal use of your trade plates and to drive a vehicle on the road, you need trade plate insurance.

Motortrade insurance may not cover certain vehicles in your possession, so you need to have trade plate insurance for cars and vans that cannot otherwise be insured.

Who needs trade plate insurance in the UK?

Trade plate insurance is often used by people in the motortrade business. You may need trade plate insurance if you are a car dealer, a salvage business, or if you run a business that collects and delivers cars to customers.

How do I get trade plates?

Trade plates can only be given by the DVLA. To get trade plates, you need to be a registered business that deals with motor vehicles. Trade plates generally last up to six months or a year, and can cover most of the vehicles you drive temporarily in your business.

Does trade plate insurance cover personal use?

No. vehicles driven while using trade plates can only be driven for the purpose of your commercial motor business. If you intend to use a vehicle for social, domestic, or pleasure use, the vehicle needs to be fully registered, taxed, and have valid car insurance. Using trade plates improperly could lead to a criminal conviction and a fine.

What does trade plate insurance UK cover?

Trade plate insurance only provides cover when the trade plates are being used properly by a driver named on the policy. It is very important to make sure that you use trade plates correctly in order to be covered by insurance.

Trade plate insurance protects you in case an accident happens when you are driving a car with trade plates as part of your motor vehicle business.

What additional cover is there?

Many insurance providers offer additional coverage that may be relevant to your motortrade business. This can include vehicle storage if you keep vehicles on your property. Employee liability protects you in case an employee has an accident while working for you. Contents insurance may protect items kept inside vehicles.

These options are not standard with trade plate insurance. It is worth considering what other insurance you may need for your business. 

How can I reduce the cost of my trade plate insurance?

If you want to save money on your trade plate insurance, Apricot Insurance can help. We work with some of the UK’s leading insurance companies to find you cheap trade plate insurance. Get a cheap insurance quote at Apricot today so you can compare quotes and find the option that is right for you.