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Trade plate insurance NI

When you’re in the business of vehicles, and you need to drive them without new tax or registration, you’re likely to need trade plate insurance, also known as motor trade insurance. It can be tricky to find competitive prices for this type of insurance in Northern Ireland, but, don’t worry, Apricot can help solve this. To get some prices quickly, complete our short form and you’ll have quotes in minutes. We compare multiple insurers to find you a great deal!

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Trade Plate Insurance NI

Do you use trade plates to move untaxed and unregistered vehicles around Northern Ireland and beyond? You’re going to need trade plate insurance NI since many motortrade insurance policies don’t cover this. Let us help you find cheap quotes in minutes, and a range of policies to meet your needs. 

Do I need to take out trade plate insurance NI?

If you regularly drive untaxed, unregistered vehicles as part of your business, then trade plate insurance NI may be a good option. It will be cheaper than taxing and registering each vehicle before you drive it. 

Do the trade plates include insurance cover?

No, they simply give information to authorities about the state of the vehicle. The plates say the vehicle is temporarily in the care of a motortrade business.

Who would take out trade plate insurance NI?

Car dealers, companies that deliver or collect vehicles, MOT testing stations, car valets, accessory fitters and vehicle testers often use trade plates. Anyone working in these types of businesses need to take out trade plate insurance. 

What does trade plate insurance Northern Ireland cover?

It will cover your risks associated with driving an unregistered, untaxed vehicle on public roads. This protection is usually provided by road risk cover.

You should be able to choose third party, third party, fire and theft or comprehensive cover too. 

Can I use trade plate insurance NI to cover my personal use of a vehicle?

No. Trade plate insurance NI only covers very specific circumstances. You’re only allowed to use trade plates as part of your business. 

What influences the cost of my trade plate insurance Northern Ireland?

Factors which will affect the final cost of trade plate insurance NI include:

* The level of cover you require.

* The type of business you run.

* The number of staff members who drive the vehicles in your business and whether they are experienced and have a good no-claims record.

* Your location in Northern Ireland and where you’re driving the vehicles.

* How much excess you contribute.

* Whether you pay annually in one lump sum, or pay in monthly instalments. 

My quotes are quite high. How can I reduce them?

Don’t be tempted to skip cover that you need to use trade plates legally in your business. However, there are ways to reduce costs when applying for your trade plate insurance.

If you raise your voluntary excess and pay in one lump sum rather than monthly you’ll save money.

It will be cheaper to opt for a lower level of cover, such as third party rather than comprehensive. You’ll save money if the drivers you name on your policy are experienced, with a good no-claims bonus.

At Apricot Insurance, we work with the UK’s leading insurance companies to find you cheap trade plate insurance NI. Get cheap quotes and compare your options at Apricot today.