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Motor fleet insurance NI

Based in NI and needing fleet insurance? You might have found it difficult to get competitive quotes for Northern Ireland based fleets, but don’t worry, Apricot can help. Motor fleet insurance NI covers multiple vehicles together under one policy. Complete just a short form with some details of your fleet and your requirements, and we’ll get you prices within minutes. See how much you can save. Save a lot with Apricot!

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Motor Fleet Insurance NI

Motor fleet insurance is a type of car insurance covering all the basic risks involved with running a fleet of commercial vehicles in Northern Ireland.

What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance allows you to insure all the vehicles in your fleet on one policy – a big help for people who manage several vehicles and don’t want to juggle multiple insurance policies. It is used by businesses operating vehicles for commercial use, such as building or delivery firms. Taxi and minicab companies have their own type of insurance.

Why have fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance can be much easier than insuring vehicles individually. Insuring your NI fleet of vehicles under one policy means you have far less paperwork to keep track of. Using a combined fleet policy also helps you to cut costs.

How many vehicles can I insure on fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is for fleets of two or more commercial vehicles. Different insurers may have different limits – some offer mini fleet insurance for fleets under 15 vehicles. There doesn’t tend to be an upper limit to the number of vehicles you can insure on one fleet policy, though.

Who can drive on fleet insurance in Northern Ireland?

Some fleet insurance NI policies allow only named drivers to drive the fleet vehicles. Some allow any driver to drive a fleet vehicle provided that they have permission from the policy owner. Be sure to check your quotes to ensure the policy you are looking at is suitable.

How is fleet insurance calculated?

Fleet insurance in Northern Ireland is calculated based on the age and size of the fleet, as well as the number of drivers. If you need a quote for fleet insurance, you can get cheap insurance quotes from Apricot Insurance.

Can I use fleet vehicles for personal use?

Generally, fleet insurance is for commercial vehicles. Some policies may allow you to use the vehicles for non-commercial or personal use, but this must be checked with your insurer before agreeing to the policy.

What does fleet insurance cover?

Fleet insurance in NI covers all the common risks associated with operating a fleet of vehicles. The standard insurance is third-party, which covers any other parties if you get into an accident. You can, however, select a more comprehensive cover if you feel it’s right for you.

What additional cover is available?

There are many types of additional coverage available when it comes to getting quotes for motor fleet insurance. These can include:

  • Legal cover, to help cover legal costs in case of dispute
  • Public liability, in case a member of the public gets hurt
  • Personal accident cover for drivers
  • Driving abroad, for both EU and non-EU locations

There are many other types of cover that can also be purchased to insure your fleet.

What vehicles can I insure with fleet insurance?

Generally, you can insure all the vehicles in your fleet on one policy, which can include cars and vans. Electric vehicles can also be covered. Some specialist vehicles may require specialist insurance, so be sure to check with insurance providers when looking for a quote.