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Mini fleet insurance NI

Do you need mini fleet insurance for Northern Ireland? We can help. Fleets of between 2 and 15 vehicles are considered a ‘mini fleet’ generally. The vehicles may be cars, vans, taxis, lorries, etc. We cover NI as well as the rest of the UK. Complete just a short form with some of your details and requirements, and you could have a great quote in minutes.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Mini Fleet Insurance NI

Mini fleet insurance is similar to car insurance, but can be used to insure small fleets of multiple vehicles. Insuring multiple NI vehicles under one policy can help cut costs. Mini fleet insurance in Northern Ireland is also a type of commercial insurance, and is the right option for small fleets of vehicles with commercial uses.

What is a mini fleet policy?

A mini fleet insurance policy is for when you need to insure a smaller sized fleet of commercial vehicles. It is very important to get proper insurance if you are using your vehicles as a fleet for business purposes.

How many vehicles can be insured on mini fleet insurance?

Mini fleet insurance is for smaller sized fleets. The exact number of vehicles allowed on one policy may depend on the insurer. Generally, a fleet must consist of two or more vehicles owned by the same person or company for commercial purposes. The upper limit of vehicle numbers for a mini fleet can vary but is often around 15 to 20 vehicles. For more vehicle, consider motor fleet insurance.

Is it cheaper to get fleet insurance?

It can often be cheaper to insure your fleet of vehicles under one policy, rather than getting individual policies for each vehicle. It’s also less hassle to organise and keep track of a single policy than to have to deal with insurance paperwork for each separate vehicle.

How many vans do you need for mini fleet insurance?

To obtain mini fleet insurance, you need at least two vehicles for commercial use. For some businesses, multi vehicle insurance (NI) may be appropriate.

How is mini fleet insurance in Northern Ireland calculated?

Mini fleet insurance will be calculated based on the number of vehicles, the average age of the fleet, and the number of named drivers you have. All of these factors can be entered into Apricot Insurance to help you get a range of cheap insurance quotes.

Can I insure cars and vans in the same mini fleet?

Your mini fleet insurance can usually cover all the vehicles in your fleet, as long as they are owned by you or your company for commercial use. This includes cars and vans alike, if they fit the criteria.

Can I use my fleet vehicles for personal use?

Mini fleet insurance is generally reserved for commercial vehicles – used for business or work. If you do need to use the vehicles for personal use – socially, domestically, or for pleasure – you can check with the insurance companies if this is offered.

What types of mini fleet insurance are there?

Northern Ireland mini fleet insurance can have many of the same options as standard car insurance. This can include only covering third party claims in case of an accident. If you want more thorough insurance, you can get third party fire and theft, or comprehensive insurance.

Some insurers will also allow you to add options for extra insurance: legal cover, window damage, or personal property, for example.