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Insurance is there to protect your valuables and essentials against any unforeseen circumstance. Your policy guarantees you a specified amount of compensation against personal loss, theft, fire or flood.

Insurance can seem like an unnecessary expense if you are fortunate enough never to make a claim. But with UK with insurers paying out on average £8.1million a day, it’s reasonable to assume that one day we will rely on an insurance payout.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

What type of insurance can you offer?

Apricot Insurance specialises in providing insurance to Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Whether you are looking to take out a new policy or renew an existing one, we have the insurance knowhow to get you a cheap quote that gives you the necessary cover.

We have been serving the public’s insurance needs for years; understanding what home and car owners need and want. Our experts understand the requirements of the Northern Irish public and we search providers from Belfast and across Great Britain.

We recognise that in Northern Ireland premiums for car and home insurance can be higher than in other areas of the UK We are savvy at searching out the cheapest quotes to save you money.

At Apricot we offer home and landlord property insurance, protecting your buildings and contents. We also provide car and van insurance, insuring your vehicles against loss, damage or theft.

What is a home insurance policy?

Home insurance is there to safeguard your home and its contents against theft or damage. Your home insurance policy assists you with the financial costs of unavoidable harm (fire or flood damage) to your property. It will also provide you with financial aid should you need to replace precious items in the event your home be burgled.

Is home insurance cheap in Northern Ireland?

No, it is an average 30% more expensive to buy home insurance in Northern Ireland than the rest of the UK. Because of this, you need someone like us to do the hard work for you. We know the right stones to turn over to get you a quote that won’t leave you short should you make a claim, but won’t break the bank with your premium.

What does home insurance cover?

There are three types of home insurance cover:

  • Home and contents insurance – this covers your house and your belongings against loss or damage in event of fire, theft, or storm (flood damage)
  • Home insurance – covers your house and other structures such as your garage, fences or shed
  • Contents insurance – covers your belongings, such as your clothing, furniture, whitegoods, and electrical goods. Accidental damage can be added to your policy

What is landlord insurance?

Landlords need to protect their investment. Tenants are not required to purchase buildings insurance. There are two types of landlord insurance, Buildings Only or Buildings and Contents.

Buildings Only will cover the entire property and include patios and driveways. Buildings only will also cover permanent fixtures such as kitchen units and worktops, bathroom fittings and wardrobes.

Buildings and Contents is the most comprehensive cover. This takes care of the property should it be let fully furnished.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a legal requirement. If you own a roadworthy car, you are legally obliged to insure it. If you are found without car insurance in Northern Ireland, you can be imprisoned for up to six months and receive 6 – 8 penalty points on your licence.

Car insurance pays out if you are involved in an accident, the car catches fire, vandalised or stolen. As an absolute minimum it protects you against damage you cause to other road users, pedestrians or property. This is called Third party insurance.

You only make a claim on your insurance if you are the cause of the accident, if the other driver is at fault, their insurance will pay the fees to repair or replace the vehicles.

What types of car insurance can you buy?

Car insurance falls into three categories. Third party; third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

The legal minimum requirement is Third party which will insure you should you cause an accident involving other drivers, pedestrians or property.

Third party, fire and theft will cover you in the event of an accident where you are at fault and in the case of fire or theft. It will not provide cover should your car be vandalised or damaged in an accident. But it is cheaper than fully comprehensive cover.

The maximum level of coverage is fully comprehensive. Fully comprehensive offers you complete protection and is the option most drivers choose.

How does van insurance differ from car insurance?

Van insurance NI does vary slightly from car insurance. When taking out van insurance you can be covered for business purposes or private use, sometimes both.

Van insurance for business purposes will fall into one of these three categories: commercial, sole trader or courier insurance.

Navigating your way through van insurance is not easy. At Apricot, we compare both Northern Irish insurance companies and companies across the UK to get you the cheapest renewal or new insurance quote on the market.

Is car and van insurance cheaper in Northern Ireland?

Because there are fewer insurance companies in Northern Ireland, it can make it more expensive to insure your vehicle. Because there are only 55,000 cars on the road in NI, compared to 32 million on the mainland. Some of the bigger insurers choose not to offer insurance to this part of the UK.

However, the differential is dropping. We search top companies within Belfast, the rest of NI and the rest of the UK to get you peace of mind and hopefully a saving. Apricot will work hard to find you the cheapest insurance quote around. Give us a call today and let us search you the best premium around.

* 7% of Apricot car insurance customers over 35 paid less than £250 between June 2020 to June 2021. Different age ranges will be priced differently.