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Homeowners insurance quotes

Homeowners’ insurance, also known simply as home insurance, has two main aspects for which you can choose to have either one or both together. The building insurance covers the structure of the property and pays out if an insured event such as a fire or flood occurs which damages the home. Contents insurance obviously covers your property at the house. As a homeowner you will most likely want both contents and buildings cover. Apricot can help. We have an excellent team of UK advisors who are highly experienced, or we offer quick quotes online. It’s simple. Just click the button below to get started.

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What our customers say about Apricot Insurance

Homeowner insurance

Ensuring you are best protected with a policy you can afford can be challenging. At Apricot Insurance, we have years of experience and know how to get you a homeowner insurance quote you can both afford and rely on.

What is a homeowner insurance policy?

Homeowner insurance (also known simply as home insurance) is there to safeguard your home and/or its contents against theft or damage (fire or flood damage).

What does it cover?

There are three variations of homeowner insurance cover:

  • Home and contents insurance – this covers your house and belongings against loss or damage in event of fire, theft, or storm (flood damage). Accidental damage can be added
  • Home insurance – covers your house and other structures
  • Contents insurance – covers your belongings

Is it cheaper to combine building and contents cover?

Yes, it is generally cheaper to insure building and contents in tandem. Do check with your provider.

Do I really need homeowner insurance?

If you have a mortgage, you are contractually obliged to obtain buildings insurance. It’s up to you to insure your contents but is advised.

Do council tenants need insurance?

Tenants should just have contents insurance to protect possessions from fire, theft, or other damage. You can add accidental damage as an extra clause to the policy. Landlords should take care of insurance for the building.

What could invalidate my homeowner insurance?

Inflating the cost of valuables could invalidate your homeowner insurance as well as not notifying your insurance company of any changes and using your home as a business.

Tips on reducing your insurance costs

  • You will get a range of prices from providers, so do shop around.
  • Getting hold of crime statistics in your area could bring down the cost of your cover.
  • Paying a higher excess can reduce your homeowner insurance premium.

When is the best time to get a new quote?

About a month before is the optimum time and will most likely yield the cheapest offers. At Apricot, we can get you cover at fair price with a good return should you need it.