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Courier insurance NI

Car, van, truck, motorcycle or scooter couriers in Northern Ireland – you’re in the right place to insure your vehicle and business. If you deliver items with your vehicle, you probably need courier insurance. It can be tricky finding suitable companies that cover Northern Ireland, so here at Apricot we’ve made it easy. NI courier insurance quotes are just a matter of minutes away. Complete a short form with a few details, and we’ll provide prices straight away. See how much you can save.

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Courier Insurance NI

As a courier driver, you are responsible for delivering, collecting, and transporting important packages and documents.

Courier insurance NI keeps you working within the law. We can help you find the relevant quotes in just a matter of seconds, to keep your vehicle insured to the right level.

What is courier insurance NI?

As a courier driver, this type of insurance doesn’t only protect your vehicle and the goods you’re transporting, it also covers you from claims made by members of the public.

Does my vehicle insurance cover me for my courier work?

No. If you’re working as a courier under time pressures, driving in the dark or in busy urban areas, there is a greater chance of accidents happening. Your standard vehicle insurance doesn’t cover you for this type of work because it is seen as a greater risk than driving a vehicle for personal use. 

What cover does courier insurance Northern Ireland offer?

When choosing your insurance, you must make sure the policy at the very least offers:

  • Vehicle cover (third party, third party fire and theft, or comprehensive)
  • Hire and reward (goods in transit) insurance
  • Public liability insurance.

You may also consider adding on useful extras such as breakdown cover, replacement vehicle cover, personal possessions cover, and legal expenses.

Do I really need public liability insurance?

Yes. Public liability insurance will protect you against accidents in which a member of the public is involved – be it on the road or when you’re parked up and making a delivery.

It will also protect you if you accidentally damage goods belonging to a member of the public. 

What does goods in transit insurance cover?

This form of hire and reward insurance covers you for carrying and transporting goods that don’t belong to you. This insurance will generally cover you for an agreed value per vehicle load.

You need to ensure you take out enough insurance to cover the value of the goods you carry. If you know you’ll be transporting products of high monetary value or important legal documents, be sure to discuss this with the insurer so you’re properly covered.

What if I only courier part time?

Some insurance companies offer you insurance by the hour, which can be a much cheaper option for part time courier drivers. If you want to drive your vehicle outside work hours, you’ll need to make sure the van or car itself is fully covered for personal use.

What affects the cost of my courier insurance NI?

Factors like your age, driving history, and no claims bonus will affect the final cost, as well as the type of vehicle you’re using, where you park it overnight and the value of the goods you’re transporting.

At Apricot Insurance, we work with the UK’s leading insurance companies to find you cheap courier insurance NI. Get a cheap courier insurance NI quote at Apricot today.