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Café Insurance

If you’re looking for quality and affordable insurance for your café, you’re in the right place. Whatever the type of café, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately insured. At Apricot we work with a number of specialist insurers, so we can compare quotes on your behalf to find you a great policy at the right price.

There are significant risks involved in running a café business. Often it’s a busy place which may be packed with staff and customers, there is heat and hot water being used constantly, and there’s expensive equipment everywhere. There is the possibility of accidentally giving someone food poisoning and being held responsible, and of course there are the usual risks such as fire, theft, etc. So the right insurance is key. Running a café is a busy and challenging role already, so it’s best not to overlook the chance to give yourself peace of mind.

Café business insurance helps mitigate a variety of risks. Theft, fire, floods – they can happen, and have the potential to stop your business in its tracks. Most café owners also want public liability cover and employer’s liability cover – very likely these will be essential to your business. Policies can also include contents cover, fixtures and fittings, stock cover, and more.

Café Contents Insurance

Contents insurance can be essential for café owners. It works in a very similar way to your home insurance contents cover. What if expensive equipment got stolen for example? Might that, to say the least, cause some disruption to your business (as well as costing you)? You might have espresso machines, chef’s knives and kit, point of sale equipment, furniture, cooking gear, and so on. If you’re unlucky enough to have them lost or damaged due to theft, fire, flood or other another insured hazard, then café contents cover will protect you from the financial consequences.

Café Insurance Quote – Public Liability

Café public liability insurance saves the day when a member of the public gets hurt and holds you responsible. It also covers against damage to property belonging to members of the public. You’re extremely likely to need this, as you have a duty of care to people using your café. There are plenty of hazards in a café, and despite your best care and attention to safety, accidents can happen. What if someone got boiling water spilled all over them, or, slipped on something and broke a bone. Or, worse, if someone got seriously injured. There’s a good chance the injured party may hold you responsible and make a claim against you.

If that happens, the cost of compensation as well as the legal fees can be sky high, enough to cause serious damage to a good business and livelihood. This is where café public liability cover comes in. In such events, it will pay out to cover the costs of the legal fees and compensation.

With a café business, public liability insurance can also cover you if you were to inadvertently give someone food poisoning.

Employers liability insurance for cafés

Do you have workers? If so – and even if they’re casual or temporary workers – you will need employers liability insurance. It’s a requirement by law for any business that employs people, and the fines for failing to have it are brutal.

Employers liability cover works a little like public liability cover, but with a key difference. Whereas public liability insurance protects against claims made by members of the public, employers liability insurance protects against claims made by your workers. If one of your people got injured in an accident at work, or had an illness caused by work, this is where employers liability cover comes to your aid. Again, you’ve got a duty of care to your employees, so if they held you responsible they could make a claim. Make sure you’ve got the right cover in place so that such an event can’t set you back or even cripple your business.

Other features available with café insurance

  • Stock and frozen food cover
  • Fixtures and fittings cover
  • Glass and signage cover
  • And more

Compare café insurance

Is it possible to get café insurance cheaply? Well, yes, it’s possible. That said, it’s important to consider the cover you need, not just going automatically for the cheapest price. At Apricot, we work with multiple specialist insurers, so we can compare quotes to help you find the right policy at the right price. You can enquire online, or, if you would like to speak to someone, we have a friendly and very experienced UK team. We can help go through the options with you and tailor a policy that suits all your important requirements. And we’re committed to getting you a good deal too.

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