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Boat insurance NI

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Boat Insurance NI

Compare Boat Insurance NI

Owning a boat can be a wonderful and freeing experience. However, if you own a boat, you’ll know how expensive it can be to repair or replace it in case of an incident and the potential costs of damaging other people’s property. That’s why it is important to ensure that you have proper boat insurance.

Here at Apricot Insurance, we have a quick and effective quote process that will let you easily find quotes from insurance providers throughout Northern Ireland, including boat insurance for the rest of the UK. Comparing boat insurance quotes can help you save time and money compared to going round the houses looking for a deal.

How much is boat insurance?

The cost of your boat insurance premium will depend mainly on the size and value of your boat. The insurance will be much less for smaller boats with small engines than for large luxury yachts. If you want a quick quote for insurance, you can use our quote comparison tool to see how much your insurance could cost. Your boat insurance quotes will also take into consideration a number of factors including your experience and how to plan to use your vessel.

Is boat insurance worth getting?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider boat insurance. You can get insurance to cover theft or other hazards while your boat is unattended. You can also get insurance to cover any incidents where you harm people or their property with your boat. This could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Does boat insurance cover boats on dry land?

Yes, many boat insurance policies will cover boats while on land, such as for storage, repair, or transportation. However, you would likely need to ensure that the boat is properly secured and in a safe place while on land; otherwise, your policy might not cover any damages.

Does boat insurance cover business use?

If you use your boat as part of your business, such as a rental boat or for fishing or chartering, this would not usually be covered by a standard personal policy. You must make sure that you get proper business boat insurance. You might also want to look at public liability insurance, which protects you if a member of the public gets hurt. Without insurance you will need to cover the costs of any claims against your business, and it can get very expensive.

Do I need to have boat insurance in Northern Ireland?

It is often not a legal requirement to have boat insurance in NI. However, many marinas and docks will require you to have insurance if you want to use their facilities. You should also consider how boat insurance could avoid large repair costs if you are involved in an incident.

What types of insurance are there for boats?

Just like with car insurance or van insurance, you will find different levels of coverage for boat insurance. Some insurance will only cover damage to third parties, while some comprehensive insurance will cover a much wider range of events.